99 THINGS to Enjoy at Camp This Summer Part 7: Clothing

Editor’s Note: There are at minimum 99 Things about life at Camp Alleghany for Girls that are NOT changing this summer! That’s why we started our 99 THINGS Blog Series with: Part 1: Activities,  Part 2: Downtime!, Part 3: Food., Part 4: Mornings & Evenings, Part 5: Evening Activities., Part 6: Traditions! Cool mornings and […]

99 Things To Enjoy at Camp This Summer Part 3: Food!

Our favorite foods of summers past will be our favorite foods of this summer, too, and no pandemic can take that away! So tune in to the blog pfor part 3 in our 99 THINGS about camp that are NOT changing for our 99th Summer!

99 THINGS — Part 2: Downtime

Relaxing at camp is one of camp’s greatest assets, providing a digital detox as well as vital renewing forces through nature, quiet, and summer ease.

99 THINGS! A Blog Series in our Countdown to Camp

A year of COVID adaptations has us all being resilient, flexible, and adaptable to changes we don’t enjoy, but we do accept as what’s necessary in extraordinary times. But surely we all wonder whether anything will ever be the same again? We all want to know whether the things we love are still available to […]