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Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker grew up in Orange County, VA and is currently living in Richmond, VA.  She attended Roanoke College in Salem, VA.  In 2016, after graduating college with her degree in Accounting/Finance, Hannah moved to Richmond where she was a state Auditor for the Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) for 2 years until the summer of 2018 when she joined the Martin Agency as a Staff Accountant. Contact Hannah Baker

Years at Alleghany: Hannah first came to camp in 2004 in Unit 2 and enjoyed 7 years as a camper. She was then a staff member from 2011-2015 as a JC, Start-Up Mom, Senior Camp Unit Head, and JC Mom. Hannah also has attended family camp since 2013.

Gained from ‘Ghany: Throughout the years I’ve gained many things from Camp! Along with lifelong friends and countless memories, camp gave me the skills to be confident and independent in day-to-day life. Lastly, camp gave me a home away from home, a place that I can always go back to and feel like I’ve never left!

Most looking forward to: Giving back to camp by continuing to connect and involve alumni for the current and future campers!

Boo Deacon

Boo (Deacon) Petrosian was born in Lynchburg, Virginia, went to high school in Richmond, and graduated from Clemson. Boo currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband Matthew, daughter Margaret and son MJ. After graduation, she followed her passion and began a career in the nonprofit sector. She started off working for independent schools and has since earned her Certified Fundraising Executive, attended Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University and sits on the board of the SC Association of Fundraising Professionals and Christchurch Endowment Corporation. As the executive director of the YMCA of Greenville Foundation, she works to help fund innovative ideas and programmatic enhancements. Each day Boo sees firsthand the positive effects from an array of programs that build healthy and confident children, families, and communities.

Years at Alleghany: Boo started at ‘Ghany in Unit 3 of Junior Camp and attended through 2003, JC’s of ’03 Royal as Can Be! Boo was a first-termer for many years and began enjoying full-term as an Upstart. Her aunt also attended as a camper and her mom was Head Hoper for many years. She cannot wait to take our daughter and cross the barge with her!

Gained from ‘Ghany: Boo gained from ‘Ghany much more than the importance of closed-toed shoes and peppermint patties with peanut butter, it taught her resilience, friendship and leadership. Most importantly it taught a sense of appreciation in discovery. Through wanting to compete in Blue/Gray to hopping during dinner, trying to earn her expert or sitting quietly in a tent during rest hour – all experiences that may not have been the simplest or easiest- tray carrying is hard and Songfest is frustratingly magical – she learned to experience life in a positive and grateful manner. Every situation or conversation always can help you learn, grow, understand and connect either with yourself or another. It was through camp that Boo really learned to discover people for who they are, what they are passionate about and what matters most. Everyone has a story and hers was changed for the better thanks to ‘Ghany. Camp gave her the chance to truly find herself and a sense of community at a young age, a skill that drove her towards her career and equipped her with skills she uses daily both personally and professionally.

Most looking forward to: Joining the Camp Alleghany Alumni Association to help share the magic of ‘Ghany with future generations through our growing and impactful scholarship fund and reconnecting with many alumnae. She is also eager to experience Mother Daughter weekend and camp through the eyes of her daughter.

Elizabeth Riddle Hoover
Co-VP Special Events and Reunions

Elizabeth Riddle Hoover is Chief Technology Officer for Alexandria City Public Schools. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, David, and two young daughters, Caroline and Madeline. Contact Elizabeth Hoover.

Years at Alleghany: Elizabeth attended camp between 1981 and 1990 and was a JC of ’89. Five years ago she and her family attended Family Camp for the first time and it is now an annual vacation the whole family loves.

Gained from ‘Ghany:  Elizabeth believes that Alleghany provided her not only life-long friendships but also instilled values and beliefs that have influenced her personal and professional life. As such, she looks forward to watching her girls spend their summers on the Greenbrier River.

Most looking forward to:  Spending time with other ‘Ghany girls and guys giving back to the place I love most! I’m excited for my first term on this Board.

Sarah Alexander Biehl
Co-VP Special Events and Reunions

Sarah (Alexander) Biehl resides in Tega Cay, South Carolina. Before moving to SC she spent 10 years as an adjunct gender studies professor at Eastern Michigan University. During this time she developed the online classroom platform for the department ensuring further accessibility for the “non-traditional” college student. Sarah enjoys spending time with husband Steve, daughters Brighid, Ashland, her pet cat Starlight, and Bernedoodle Luna. 

Years at Alleghany: Sarah started attending camp in 1983 as a yellow startup, of course, startup turned to upstart on the run, for a total of 5 years as a camper. Returning as a ’88 JC, Sarah spent 5 years as a counselor. She was head of Unit 3 in Junior Camp and Head of Dance during this time. Sarah returned to attend family camp with her daughters and husband, eventually working as Head Hopper during this week for many years. Nowadays you can find Sarah on the porch of Cowbell during the summer or in the camp kitchen supervising special diets. 

Gained from Ghany: Alleghany instilled in Sarah a love of nature and sleeping under the stars. Attending camp has also provided Sarah with profound, life-long, cross-generational friendships. In addition, Sarah acquired lifelong skills like how to build an awesome campfire and canoe over canoe. BUT what has Sarah really gained from Camp Alleghany? Everything! Cue some really sweet music with a video of her paddling down the Greenbrier River.

Most Looking forward to: Making connections with other ‘Ghany Alumni. Collaborating on ways to involve the greater Alleghany community. Creating avenues to help enhance the Alleghany camping experience.

Nancy Lyle Burlingame
Membership Committee Chair

Nancy Lyle Burlingame lives in Westport, Massachusetts with her husband, Blair, and yellow lab, Rami. In her retirement from teaching, she spends time gardening, walking the beach, and visiting her three daughters and four grandsons. An ongoing (and thankfully frequent) highlight of her life is gathering with the 16s of ‘75 at camp as well as various locations around the US.

Years at Alleghany: Nancy started camp during the hurricane of 1972 when she was 13. After four years as a camper, she was a JC in 1976. Her various jobs at camp include: Junior Camp counselor, Swimming Staff, Head of Swimming, Start-Up Mom, Unit Head, JC Mom, Assistant Head of Jr Camp, and Head of Jr Camp.

Gained from ‘Ghany: Through the benevolence of Franny and Cooper, Nancy developed a lifelong love of Camp Alleghany that she passed on to her three daughters, Alex, Tenley, and Haley. Her cherished friendships with the 16s of ‘75 remain a mainstay in her life. In addition to learning how to work productively with people of all ages, Nancy believes that Camp Alleghany helped her develop independence, confidence, and a positive work ethic. She considers her camp counseling years as the best job that she has ever held!

Most looking forward to: The opportunity to give back to ‘Ghany and help provide the opportunity for campers to learn and enjoy the magic that is Camp Alleghany.

Eddy Eckart
Scholarship Committee Chair

Eddy Eckhart was a green team member in the early 2000’s. He lives in Northeast Ohio and is the Senior Editor at an automotive publication. Eddy helped create the Lantern Scholarship program almost a decade ago and has recently returned to serve as chair of the scholarship committee.

Years at Alleghany: 2000-2001

Gained from ‘Ghany: The perspective that I’ll always have a home away from home whenever I’m with my ‘Ghany friends

Most looking forward to: Continuing to grow the Lantern Scholarship program and provide opportunities to those in the ‘Ghany community.

Sara Batla
Communications Chair

Sara Batla lives in Arlington, Virginia with her two teenage boys. When she’s not chasing after her boys or their dog, you’ll likely find her on her laptop. After working at an ad agency for years, Sara took her expertise and went to work for a non-profit. She’s been doing marketing, production, and project management there for the past 19 years. Sara is also working on a documentary film with a group of friends as a passion project.

Years at Alleghany: Sara attended camp between 1984 and 1992. During those years, she was a camper for six summers (three of those full-term), a JC of ’90 and the Head of Canoeing. In the years that have followed since her camper/counselor days, Sara has remained involved with camp. She was a Mini Camp counselor in its inaugural summer of 2003 and has attended Family Camp every year since 2010.

Gained from ‘Ghany:  Sara credits camp with being instrumental in the foundation of her as a person. Camp not only provided her with opportunities to try new and different things, it gave her the confidence to be herself, and encouraged leadership skills that she has used throughout her life and career. Sara also admits to using many learned camp-isms while raising her boys: sometimes one really is back “on patrol” during sleepovers, archery lessons in the backyard make for even better play dates with friends, air band competitions provide hours of entertainment during lockdown, and her family knows that the ONLY way to eat a Peppermint Pattie is with peanut butter. Full stop.

Most looking forward to: Sara fell in love with ‘Ghany as soon as she heard those chains hit the barge. She can’t wait to give back to camp and be a part of the team that continues to nourish the CAAA for ‘Ghany alums. 

Sara Dunn

Sarah Dunn was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She attended James Madison University and studied elementary and special education. She is currently teaching 4th grade at her alma mater in Richmond. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at her family’s mountain house in Lewisburg, reading a good historical fiction book, and needlepointing.

Years at Alleghany: She started her Alleghany career in 2001. After 7 years as a camper, she made it GREAT as a JC of 2008. In 2012 she returned to camp to be JC Mom. She has held other roles throughout the years such as head hopper, office assistant, and guest counselor. 

Gained from Ghany: Alleghany has impacted my life in so many positive ways. From friendships to life skills to confidence, I am so grateful for my years on the Greenbrier River. As an elementary teacher, I love connecting with current Ghany girls on a regular basis. Once a Ghany connection is made, the first question is always “are you a blue or a gray?” and I proudly shout my great gray pride!

Most looking forward to: I am most looking forward to giving time back to the place that played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today. I can’t wait to connect with old friends and make new connections. I hope to build opportunities for the future Ghany girls. 

Beth Anne Clark-Thomas
CA Inc Liaison

Beth Anne, or BA as we know her, grew up in Philadelphia and split her summer months between Camp Alleghany and her family home on Cape Cod in Massachusetts from the mid-60s through the early 80s. Her professional career as an educator, teaching young students in several states, culminated after 25 years as a university professor/Dean in 2020. She is now retired from education and is living happily along the Greenbrier River in Alderson, West Virginia working year-round for Camp Alleghany.

Years at Alleghany: BA began her Alleghany experience in 1966 when her father was hired to be the camp chaplain. In 2023 she celebrated her 50th year at Alleghany, having served in numerous roles- most recently 20 years as Mini Camp Director and currently as Outreach Director. Her son, Jake, enjoyed many summers at family camp, and her daughter, Madsen, first came to camp at 4 months then attended and worked at Alleghany for over 10 years.

Gained from Alleghany: A passion for the outdoors, an appreciation for bringing diverse people together, and a desire to be part of growing strong female leaders.

Most looking forward to: I’ve enjoyed watching CAAA grow since first serving as a founding board member a decade ago. In this new position, I look forward to being part of connecting alumni and keeping them meaningfully engaged in the best of their camp experience memories, while facilitating communication between camp and CAAA.

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