Tent and Daily Life

Below you’ll find the complete schedule of a regular day at Camp Alleghany (with scheduling variances on Opening and Closing Days, as well as Sundays). You’ll also learn more about meals, tent life, activities and more…

Daily Schedule

7:30amJunior Reveille
7:40amSenior Reveille
7:45amFlag Raising
8:45amClean up for Inspection
10:00amFirst Activity Period
11:00amSecond Activity Period
NoonFree Time, Mail Call, Store Open, Free Swim
1:45pm Rest Hour
3:00pm Third Activity Period
4:00pm Fourth Activity Period
5:00pmFree Time, Mail Call, Store Open, Free Swim, Prepare for Dinner
6:15pm Dinner
7:30pm Evening Activity
9:00pm Milk & Cookies
9:40pm Junior Taps
10:00pm Senior Taps

Meals at alleghany

Campers and counselors eat three meals a day in Alleghany’s large Dining Hall, with Junior Camp eating upstairs and Senior Camp downstairs. A counselor sits at each end of the table, serving family style. Announcements for the whole camp are delivered by our Directors over the speaker system, and we sing grace before each meal.

Camper-waitresses called Hoppers bring the food to the tables at the beginning of each meal, and wait on tables as needs arise. Hoppers are Upstarts (14- and 15-year old campers) who elect to serve as waitresses in the Dining Hall. They dine earlier than the rest of camp so they may set the tables and serve food to campers and counselors.

Meal times are a healthy, nourishing, and festive occasion at camp, including special meal events. But meals are also a serious occasion when it comes to food allergies and dietary issues. At Alleghany, we have a dedicated Chef who works to insure all dietary restrictions and allergies are catered to as well as a staff member who insures each meal is delivered to the correct camper or counselor.

Tent Life

Tents are organized in four Units each in both Junior Camp and Senior Camp. Campers are organized by age-group and sleep four to a tent with their Counselor — except for the Upstarts (our 14- and 15-year-old campers) who sleep next-door to their Counselors.

Our tents are beautifully classic white canvas tents with closing-tie flaps that are perched on hardwood floors. Tents come with camp cots for sleeping on and there are hanging shelves to accommodate supplies.

The tent areas are adjacent to bathrooms with running water — toilets, showers, and sinks.

Laundry is sent out once-a-week to a local professional laundry service so be sure to label all of your camper’s supplies with her name.

Activities & Programs

Mini Campers and Term Campers choose four activities out of twelve to take during daytime activity periods while at camp. You can read all about these on our Activities Page. In addition to daytime activities we also have Evening Activities which can include all-camp events like campfires, Blue/Gray competitions, the occasional movie, Vespers, live performances, games, and even a chance to try out some daytime activities that the camper didn’t choose as her four activities, among other fun happenings.

Our Programs are organized by age-group, Color Teams, service opportunities, and leadership training. Read more on our Programs page.