Green Team and Facilities Support Staff

Our Facilities Support Staff is an integral part of our Alleghany Staff. If you are interested in applying, please contact Stephanie Astley.  Facilities Staff is compromised of the following categories:

The Operations Coordinator is a summertime Administrative Team Member who oversees all Facilities Staff.

The Site Manager is a year-round Administrative Team Member who oversees the grounds, maintenance, and facilities of camp, including supervision of the Green Team.

This group of males is responsible for general maintenance, chores, and groundskeeping around camp. The Green Team reports to the Site Manager or the Operations Coordinator in his absence.

This person supervises all aspects of cooking in the kitchen, including supervision of other chefs and prep cooks, supervision of cleaning the kitchen, preparing the staff schedule, ordering food based on the prepared menus, and more. The Head Chef reports directly to the Operations Coordinator.

The Chefs assist the Head Chef in all kitchen operations, including but not limited to cooking, prepping, cleaning, menu preparation, and more. The Chefs report directly to the Head Chef.

The prep cooks are responsible for assisting the Head Chef and Chefs in any way, keeping the kitchen clean, adhering to the schedule, and assisting in prepping all meals. The Prep Cooks report directly to the Head Chef.

The Housekeeping staff is responsible for keeping the bathrooms and showers cleaned and stocked of supplies, supplying and laundering linens for support staff and international staff, Office and Cottage cleaning, administrative staff laundry, and more. Housekeeping staff reports directly to the Operations Coordinator.