Our Staff

Welcome to Camp Alleghany's Jobs Page!

If you’re thinking about working at Camp, then you’re thinking about one of the toughest, most creative, most rewarding, and most demanding jobs around.

So thank you for considering us, and welcome!

We’re so glad you’re thinking about joining our team. At Camp Alleghany for Girls we take very seriously the privilege and immense responsibility of taking care of other peoples’ children. Our campers are our greatest joy and this job is all about them — the campers!

If you think you have what it takes to give of yourself in the pursuit of helping to nurture, inspire, and educate young campers, and to model the highest level of ethical, responsible, focused, and uplifting behavior, then a camp job might be a perfect fit for you.

Please choose the right job for you below to learn more. 

Camp Counselor

Live, work, teach, eat, and play with campers and other counselors. As a Counselor you’ll live on Tent Row in a platform tent with four campers, teach activities, have heartfelt conversations, create memories, and go on great adventures. All the while you’ll build valuable experience and skills that will prove useful in everything you do in the future. Click below to start your journey as a Counselor!

Alumni Mini Camp Counselors

This is a special area of volunteer service open only to Camp Alleghany for Girls alum who are over the age of 25 and who do not have a camper attending Mini Camp during the summer of your service.

Facilities Team

Our Facilities Team includes the Green Team, Kitchen staff, and Housekeeping.

The Green Team is comprised of heavy lifters…literally. You must be able to regularly lift 50-100 pounds, be on your feet for long periods of time while out-of-doors, and work with a sunny attitude to keep the facilities at Camp Alleghany for Girls working cleanly and efficiently. At the same time, it’s a great team, full of camaraderie and fun!

Our kitchen staff tends to meals both in our Dining Hall and for picnics and special events.

Housekeeping staff keep common areas and facilities clean and perform other light site cleaning duties.

Support Staff

Our support staff comprises a range of positions, including medical staff (weekly doctor and nurses), managing the store and post office, managing the Hoppers (wait staff), barge lifeguard, nannies, and more. Often these suit applicants who would like to return to camp but cannot make an all summer commitment.