Landing Page — Why Camp Counseling Jobs are a Great Career Move

Get Better Jobs with a Camp Counseling Background

Concerned about your career hopes in a tight job market?

Then join the many older high schoolers, college students, and even college graduates who choose to work at summer camps.

Our popular guide covers everything you need to understand the expectations and value of a summer camp counseling job in a few short pages. This quick-read edition lends insight into how to translate your work as a summer camp counselor into later positions in any career track.

Summer Camp Counselor Jobs
  • Why a summer camp counseling job is NOT a “slack” summer gig
  • How summer camp jobs are equal to (and sometimes better than) internships in terms of real experience
  • Your role in making the most of your summer camp job
  • How to use previous summer camp experience to gain more responsibility in a subsequent summer
  • Create compelling examples of your responsibilities, initiative, and successes at camp in future job applications
  • How to translate summer goals and accomplishments into statistics that employers like
  • Nurture your career goals with specific assignments and increasing challenges

Along the way, the guide will introduce you to some of the real-world imperatives you’ll face as you seek more and more independence and job responsibility. That’s why it’s important to understand that being a camp counselor is no lark — it IS a real world job!

Download your guide now with the form on the right and get started on a path to a summer camp job yourself!

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