Mission and Philosophy

Camp Alleghany offers a diverse range of activities to campers, allowing them to broaden their horizons and challenge themselves to try new things, while setting and achieving goals in their individual departments. You can read more about our activities and programs here.

Offering such a program provides the young women at Alleghany with the opportunity not only to enhance their technical skills in, say, tennis or swimming, but also to develop life skills such as cooperation, tenacity, dedication, initiative and independence.

Outside of activities, campers are encouraged to take on responsibilities, whether this be raising the flag in the morningcaptaining a team or serving tables in the Dining Hall; there is an opportunity for everyone to take pride in their community through sportsmanship and citizenship.

Alleghany’s philosophy is that in this structured and fun setting, away from peer pressure and academic expectations, young women grow into confident and successful individuals, capable of excelling in whatever they should put their minds to. Take a look at our testimonials and see what campers, parents and staff have to say about their experiences here, and how their time at Camp Alleghany has impacted their lives.

Our success at Alleghany is due to our unified vision. Here, our mission is to ensure we are always working towards naturally inspiring growth through honor, loyalty and friendship.


Because we live in a technology-free environment, surrounded by nature, and strive towards genuine self-development.


In leadership, confidence, independence, self-awareness and achievement.


Which we show by upholding camp’s traditions, which you can read about here, and to each other.


Through the commitment of our staff, the beauty of the environment, and the creation of a positive, constructive and magical atmosphere.


Which we show by abiding by an Honor Code, and Alleghany’s policies.


Which we show in our community spirit, cooperation, sportsmanship and consideration of others.