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Lantern Scholarship

The purpose of the Lantern Scholarship is to assist persons who otherwise could not financially attend Camp Alleghany, and to promote social and economic diversity at camp.  The CAAA will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion.

Application Deadline

The Application deadline is December 15th.


The Scholarship Committee with review your application, and you will hear back from the committee by February 1.

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Objective Standards for Eligibility of Camp Alleghany Scholarship Recipients

Camper scholarships are for term camp based on space availability and competition of documentation as well as availability of funds for the program.  A camper who attended Alleghany the previous summer (whether scholarship or not) will have priority. Beyond this, prospective campers will be judged on the financial ability of the family to pay, the questionnaire filled out by the girl and her parent(s) and fulfilling of the following objectives.


The camper is currently a 3rd through 10th grader (would be rising 4th through 11th grade in the summer, typically approx. 9 to 16 years old)


For a girl who previously attended Alleghany, counselor and department evaluations from the previous summer are favorable.


The camper’s family is unable to otherwise afford sending her to Alleghany, as shown by their submission of income and expense information on the scholarship application


The camper appears committed, based on her application, to being a positive contributing member of camp and shows a genuine interest in participating


The camper has a family who supports her attendance


The amount given toward the participation of any scholarship camper shall not exceed the costs of attendance and store allowance and portion of transportation minus the amount the family is able to pay