Apply to be a Family Camp Counselor

To be a Family Camp staff member, one must be an alumnus of Camp Alleghany or Alleghany’s Family Camp.

Timeline for Staff Selection

September 1st

Interested people should contact Family Camp Directors Landon and Courtney directly. Names of interested people are compiled in the order received on a Family Camp Staff Wait List. Please do not contact Landon or Courtney until this date.

December 1st

Deadline for returning staff to commit for the upcoming summer. Depending upon any availability after this, Landon or Courtney will contact people from the Staff Wait List and solicit their commitments by January 1.

January 31st

Landon or Courtney will notify anyone remaining on staff wait list of likelihood (or not) of spaces for the upcoming summer.

Comments, questions, or letters of interest (dated September 1 or after) are welcome: e-mail Landon and Courtney.