Leadership Programs

Camp Alleghany’s Programs are organized by things like age group, friendly Color Team competitions, camp service activities, and opportunities for increased leadership and responsibility in campers. Contact our Director of Leadership, Cami, with any questions about our Leadership Programs!


The 12-year-old campers at Alleghany are known as Startups and their group color is yellow. The oldest girls in Junior Camp, Startup girls take on extra responsibilities with the help of their Startup Mom.


Thirteen-year-old campers are Midways and their group color is teal. They have a Counselor known as a Midway Mom to help with their transition to Senior Camp, and have a few leadership classes with her each term. She also supports them as they take on new responsibilities, including flag raising in Senior Camp, and leading morning devotions in Assembly.


Fourteen- and Fifteen-year-old campers participate in the Upstart program and their color is red. As the oldest campers in camp, Upstarts serve as leaders and role models for the younger campers and enjoy some extra privileges and responsibilities.


Leaders-In-Training (LITs) are 16-year-olds who are neither traditional campers nor staff. LITs spend the Full Term at camp working on camp projects, community service, event planning, honing their leadership skills and potential, and enjoying outside trips. A small sampling of what LITs do includes visiting another camp, days off together in a planned activity, skill certification, wilderness trips, and building life skills such as public speaking, changing a tire, being interviewed and interviewing others, and so much more.


Hoppers are 14- and 15-year-old campers who elect to serve as waitresses in the Dining Hall. They dine earlier than the rest of camp so that they may set the tables and serve food to the campers and Counselors. The Hoppers are supervised by a Head Hopper, an adult support staff member, who ensures they take pride in their work and have a great time.

Blue/Gray Teams

Blue/Gray competitions run throughout both terms of camp, and culminate in one team being named the winner for the summer on the last night of second term in our Banquet ceremonies. Startup and Upstart Captains lead their respective teams with pride, passion and, most importantly, a strong sense of sportsmanship. Dating from 1922, the Blue/Gray competition underpins camp values of citizenship, cooperation and sportsmanship, and is one of the most loved traditions at Alleghany!

Junior Counselors (JCs)

Alleghany has a Junior Counselor (JC) training program available to 17-year-old girls who attended camp the previous summer as Leaders-In-Training Program. Prospective JCs must apply to be accepted into the program. JCs, whose color is purple, are responsible for a tent of campers and teach three activity periods a day. At the end of summer, JCs graduate into full-fledged counselors and Tinges!