Alleghany Colors

The following explains all of the groups at Camp Alleghany. Each group has a unique color and holds special meaning to the spirit of camp.

“Red and Yellow and Pink and Green
Orange and Purple and Blue
I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too.”


Pink is the color that unifies all counselors regardless of age or experience. The “Pink Team,” as the counselors are known, is the backbone of camp.

Junior Counselors

Junior Counselors, are a group of 17-year-old counselors-in-training who attended camp as 16-year-old Leaders in Training (LITs) the previous year.


A group of counselors who were campers, completed the JC leadership program, and then became full counselors, adding a purple “tinge” to their pink counselor color.


NCCCs are counselors who were never campers at Alleghany. NCCC stands for Non-Camper Counselor Club. Their varied experience adds to the diverse spirit of Alleghany, and they wear their orange with pride.


Maroons at camp are counselors who were previously campers but did not go through the Junior Counselor program. Their ‘Ghany experience plus outside perspective make them a wonderful addition to the counseling staff.

Leaders in Training

LITs are 16-year-olds who are neither traditional campers nor staff and their color is Gold. LITs spend the Full Term at camp working on camp projects, community service, event planning, honing their leadership skills and potential, and enjoying outside trips.


Upstarts are the group of 14- and 15- year old campers at Alleghany. They are the oldest campers in camp and thus have more responsibilities and privileges. Upstarts supervise the younger campers when counselors are on time off, and they may also serve in various leadership roles, from Hoppers to Blue or Gray Team Captains. They spend their fourth activity period each day in a leadership training program designed to prepare them to be counselors in the future.


Midways are 13-year-old campers who are midway between Startups and Upstarts. Their duties include flag raising in Senior Camp and morning devotions at Assembly, in addition to learning the ropes of the leadership roles they will take on as Upstarts! Their color is teal, and they are the real deal.


Startups are 12 years old and the oldest campers in Junior Camp. Yellow is their color, and they show their pride by being leaders and role models to all of Junior Camp. Some of their duties include leading songs at Milk and Cookies every night, making sure all the younger campers brush their teeth and get to bed on time, and taking outgoing mail to the postmistress after Rest Hour. The Junior Blue/Gray captains are also Startups.

Mini Campers

Mini Campers are tie-dye! The mix of colors represents the many colors that they will be a part of during their future summers as ‘Ghany girls. The explosive pattern of tie-dye is symbolic of the burst of excitement that accompanies the abbreviated Alleghany experience enjoyed by each of these one-week, first-time campers during their Mini-Camp week.

Four Year Figaro Flip Flops

Black and Orange are the colors of the Four Year Figaro Flip Flops. These girls have been at camp for four years or more. This secret society adds a bit of playful mystery to camp since no one but the previous 4-Years knows what goes on the night of 4-Year Initiation.

Green Team

The Green Team is the maintenance staff at camp. These gentlemen wash the dishes, mow the lawn, take out the trash, row the boats and pole the barge across the river, and help with general maintenance and repairs around camp.

Blue & Gray Teams

Alleghany’s version of Color War! Each camper is assigned to the Blue Team or the Gray Team, of which she will remain a member for life. Family members are assigned to the same team. Blue/Gray competitions include Swim and Canoe Meets, Rifle, Archery, and Tennis matches, as well as various activities throughout the term such as relay races, capture the flag, trivia games, and more. A heavy emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and friendly competition, abiding by camp’s dedication to the Honor Code. The Blue/Gray tradition was begun in 1922 and a banner hanging in our Play Hall recognizes the winner of each summer.