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Hear our songs! Below you will find just a few of our Camp Songs, we hope you enjoy! 

Campfire Songs

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Come Touch a Spark
A Thank You Song
They Say There's a Camp
What Lies Over the Hill
Each Summer
One Little Candle
No Man is and Island
The River is Time
Only A Little While Ago
'Ghany We Will Give
Four Leaf Clover
Father Time
Are You Listening
All Through the Night
Boom di Oddy
Loyalty and Friendship
Walk Shepherdess Walk
This Is Our Future
Take a Little Bit of Spirit
We Sing To You
The West Virginia Hills
White Coral Bells
Make New Friends
The Ash Grove
I Want To Linger
Peace of the River
Silver Moon
Rainbow Song
Bless This Camp
Here's a Health

Assembly Songs

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They Built Camp Alleghany
Oh, In The Moonlight
Back to Civilization
Prune Song
My Mama Told Me
In Spite of the Inspector

Special Occasion songs

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Baby's Boats
When E'er You Make a Promise

Counselor Serenades

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Getting to Know You
Alleghany High
Love and Spirit Fills the Air
JCs You'll Love These Special Summer Days

Alleghany Serenaders

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The Silver Moon
Walk Shepherdess Walk (with Intro)
Gone to Bed is the Setting Sun
No Man is an Island
Alleghany Serenaders
Loyalty and Friendship