3 Reasons to Send Your Child To Camp

Nurture and Strengthen Your Child’s Life Skills through Sleepaway Summer Camp

Concerned about how to increase your child’s sense of personal responsibility?

Then join the millions of parents who’ve discovered that the secret for many kids is sleepaway summer camp — and you need not wait for the teen years to start.

In fact, earlier is better!

Our popular guide covers several key aspects of the benefits of summer camp for younger kids in just a few short pages. This quick-read edition helps you become familiar with the tradition of summer camp in America and how, for more than a century, it has helped generations of kids grow into strong, confident and compassionate adults. Then, learn how to tell if camp is right for your child now:

  • Signs that show your daughter is ready for time away from home
  • The difference between day camp and sleepaway camp in building critical life skills
  • How even parents benefit from their daughter spending some time away from home (hint — she learns to make her bed!)
  • How independently pursuing goals over the summer gives your daughter a sense of personal drive
  • How a new social setting gives girls a chance to try their wings
  • How the need to take care of personal belongings and personal care builds her will and self-confidence

Along the way, the guide will help you understand that parents’ fears about the unknown of living at camp and being away from home aren’t necessarily your child’s fears — she may be ready even if you’re not — and why you should focus instead on building her broader life skills. That’s why it’s important to understand camp is a place that is an augment to the great work parents are already doing, but with a context for kids to try out all they’ve learned from you in a safe environment with just the right balance of autonomy and supervision.

Download your guide now with the form on the right and get your daughter started on the rewarding path of realizing her full potential today.


3 Reasons to send Your Child to Camp