99 THINGS! A Blog Series in our Countdown to Camp

A year of COVID adaptations has us all being resilient, flexible, and adaptable to changes we don’t enjoy, but we do accept as what’s necessary in extraordinary times.

But surely we all wonder whether anything will ever be the same again? We all want to know whether the things we love are still available to us. We just want something familiar, comforting, unchanging that we can just jump into in the “old way!”

99 Familiar Things

Well then let me ease your worries. Let me be the one to provide you with that comfort because I come bearing great news!

There are at minimum 99 Things about life at Camp Alleghany for Girls that are NOT changing this summer!

A minimum of 99 THINGS about ‘Ghany that you can look forward to eagerly!

A minimum of 99 THINGS about Camp that we can’t wait for YOU to embrace, experience, and be elated about!

And yet I decided that it would be no fun to tell you these 99 THINGS right away. No! I would make you wait. I will string you along in eager anticipation as we get closer and closer to Opening Day with my 99 THINGS list growing bigger and bigger week after week.

I’ve broken it down into categories and don’t you just wonder what those categories are? Well, I advise you to stay tuned to this blog because for 11 straight weeks I’ll have one more blog post in this series with nine more exciting items in it as we all get ready to put on our Blues & Whites, board the Barge, land on our side of the river, and celebrate our…99th SUMMER with at least 99 THINGS about camp that are just like always!

So, without further ado, the first week is:

Departments & Activities

What kind of fun will be just like usual? Well, you can:

1. Go caving in Wild World

2. Hike to Twin Tulips

3. Hike to Brunswick

4. Make something new in Arts & Crafts

5. Give your best performance in Drama

6. Go Creeking in Wild World

7. Swim to Alleghany Rock

8. Show off your moves in the Dance Show

9. Pass to the next level in Canoeing

10. Shoot a 40 in Rifle

11. Progress to the next yard line in Archery

Which activity or departmental thing are you wondering about? Drop me an email about what you’re looking forward to as we count down to camp together!

— Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls