Celebrating Birthdays at Camp

Does your camper’s Birthday fall during the camp season? Are you worried her birthday just won’t be the same at camp as it is at home? Well, it won’t look exactly the same as previous birthdays… but that does not mean it won’t be filled with joy and fun! I have celebrated nearly 10 birthdays […]

The Big Release: Featured Camper Video!

Begun in 2018 and two years in the making, our video of Vivian’s camp journey could be the story of any camper — her uncertainties, her eagerness, her challenges and her joys — in being a first time camper at ‘Ghany!


refer a friend

It almost goes without saying that once a girl comes to Camp Alleghany she’s likely to have such an infectious affection for camp that she’s going to tell many a friend. It happens all the time. And we hear about this enthusiasm in nice post-camp notes and e-mails sent to us, or in off-season gatherings and reunions. […]