Celebrating Birthdays at Camp

Does your camper’s Birthday fall during the camp season? Are you worried her birthday just won’t be the same at camp as it is at home? Well, it won’t look exactly the same as previous birthdays… but that does not mean it won’t be filled with joy and fun!

I have celebrated nearly 10 birthdays while at camp, including my 16th birthday, and I am here to tell you they are made so special by our counselors, kitchen staff, and office staff! I have an August birthday and as a First Termer, I did not begin celebrating my birthday at camp until my 15’s summer when I decided to attend Full Term. Going into camp that year I was nervous, it was my first time at Second Term, my first birthday away from my parents and friends at home, and I was not sure what to expect, but it was special from the very beginning!

Camp Birthday Traditions

Here at Alleghany, we have several birthday traditions, my favorite being all of the singing! As you probably know we love to sing at ‘Ghany and a birthday is the perfect excuse. The birthday girl gets sung to at every meal, sometimes twice, and you never know when a surprise “Happy Birthday” song will be sung to you throughout the day! 

Have you ever been wished Happy Birthday by 200+ people? When you have your birthday at camp, almost every camper and counselor you see throughout the day wishes you a happy birthday! It is so much fun and our birthday girls are always seen with a smile on their faces.

What is a birthday without a present? As most of you are aware, here at Alleghany we have a No Package Policy, but there is an exception: birthdays! Parents are allowed to send their camper a special birthday package, if you send it ahead of time we will hold on to it and make sure your camper receives it on her actual birthday!

Another favorite part of my camp birthdays is all of the birthday cards! Because I am not with my family and home friends on my birthday, I am flooded with birthday cards. There is just something so special about getting a birthday card in the mail. 

Last but not least- cake! Our kitchen staff works hard to make sure each camper gets a special birthday cake to share with their tablemates at dinner. The whole camp sings to them and they get to blow out the candles to make a wish! The birthday girl always draws a crowd when her cake is brought out, slices of cake for everyone! 

The Best Birthdays

After all of this, how can a birthday celebrated at camp not be the best day ever! So, if your camper’s birthday falls during camp, don’t worry, she will have one of the best birthdaysdays surrounded by amazing friends and counselors who will go above and beyond to make her day special.