ACA Tri-State 2024: What We Learned

What an adventure we had at the 2024 American Camping Association (ACA) Tri-State Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey! As representatives of Alleghany, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Mary-Curtis, and I participated in this year’s conference filled with learning, networking, and inspiration.

The Transformative Power of Camp Counseling Skills

Paddling down the beautiful Greenbrier River, leading a group of excited campers, might seem worlds apart from a corporate office. However, being a camp counselor equips you with a treasure trove of transferable skills that seamlessly translate into the professional world. You Need Skills to Pay the Bills! One of the most apparent skills developed […]

A Summer as a Camp Counselor Can Shape Your Future- Here’s How!

As the flames dance and the marshmallows roast, being a camp counselor is more than just an adventure in the great outdoors. It’s a crash course in leadership that can shape your future career in surprising ways. Soft Skills When you step into the role of a camp counselor, you’re not just overseeing activities; you’re […]

New Campers, All Ages

Embarking on a summer camp journey can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, regardless of their ages. The fear of the unknown, the anxiety of fitting in, and the apprehension of stepping into an established community can be particularly daunting. At Camp Alleghany, however, we celebrate the diversity of our campers, and we welcome newcomers […]

‘Ghany Girl Core Values: Honor, Loyalty and Friendship

Nestled among the picturesque mountains of Greenbrier County, Camp Alleghany has upheld our core values and created cherished memories for generations. Established with a vision to instill strong values in young women, we provide a nurturing environment where our campers learn the essence of honor, loyalty, and friendship. Honor At Camp Alleghany, honor is not […]