Can I Request for my Camper to be in a Tent with a Friend?

While parents naturally want the best experience for their children, one common question often arises: Can I request for my camper to be in a tent with another specific camper? In the spirit of transparency and adherence to our core principles, Camp Alleghany has a firm policy against honoring such requests.

Our Mission & Philosophy

From the outset, it’s crucial to understand our Mission and Philosophy of inspiring growth through honor, loyalty, and friendship. Our primary goal is to foster self-esteem and confidence in campers, achieved through new and sometimes challenging experiences. While the desire for campers to tent with familiar friends is understandable, we feel that placing campers with new faces contributes significantly to personal development.

The Importance of New Experiences

We believe that exposing campers to unfamiliar situations, such as tenting with all new peers, is essential for personal growth. By stepping out of their comfort zones, campers have the opportunity to broaden their social circles, build resilience, and develop interpersonal skills. These experiences are pivotal for instilling qualities of independence and adaptability in campers, setting the stage for a lifetime of positive personal growth.

Fostering Inclusivity

Our decision not to honor tenting requests is rooted in the commitment to creating an inclusive community. While it might seem natural for campers to tent with friends from home, there is a risk of inadvertently fostering cliques or exclusionary behavior. By diversifying tent placements, we aim to ensure that all campers feel included, preventing the formation of exclusive groups that may lead to feelings of exclusion in our community.

Community Dynamics

Acknowledging the small and close-knit nature of the Alleghany community, we know that campers will naturally spend ample time with their friends from home during other activities. However, when it comes to tenting, we retain control to intentionally cultivate new friendships and strengthen existing ties throughout the camp. This approach aligns with our commitment to avoiding cliquish behavior and promoting an inclusive culture.

Trusting the Process

We encourage parents to trust in Alleghany’s mission and philosophy. Drawing on a century of successful summers, the camp maintains that tent placements are a carefully considered aspect of our program designed to benefit each camper. While it may be challenging for parents to let go of the reins, we know that this policy is in the best interest of all campers, fostering an environment where personal growth, inclusivity, and lasting friendships flourish.

More Questions?

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