Clothing at Camp, Blues & Whites, Closed Toed Shoes and Long Sleeves

Camp is not just about roasting marshmallows and singing by the campfire; it’s also about embracing a sense of unity and belonging. One essential aspect of this unity is our dinner-time uniform, which dates back to 1922 when Alleghany was founded! While we do not enforce a daily uniform, we do have a dinner uniform and various other guidelines around clothing and footwear. 

Blues & Whites: Our Dinner Time Clothing

Blues & Whites to dinner is one of our oldest traditions here at Alleghany! Navy Blue shorts are a staple, ranging from athletic and running to chinos-style and even tennis skirts or skorts. However, a crucial point is made – blue or denim cut-offs are a no-go. White shirts are allowed to have designs or slogans on the back and something small on the front pocket, but nothing large on the front. Navy Blue Shorts and White shirts are worn together by every camper and counselor at Alleghany during dinner time! Blues & Whites are also worn on Opening Day of camp for taking Yearbook Photos and to be ready for our first dinner of the term!

Sunday Funday!

On Sundays we wear white!  White shorts, and a white shirt, following the same logo rules as white dinner shirts. All of Camp can be seen in their all-white outfits beginning after breakfast on Sundays.

Our Camp Store

Camp Alleghany provides an on-site Camp Store and an online store where campers can purchase navy blue and white logo shorts, tennis skorts, and white logo shirts.

Footwear Matters

The insistence on closed-toed shoes, some popular options include sneakers or Crocs, serves a purpose. Closed Toed Shoes prioritize camper safety by providing adequate foot protection during various activities. Alleghany is located in the mountains and 90% of our activities happen outside, because of this, closed-toed shoes are essential to avoiding injury.


While closed-toed shoes are the norm, we have a few activities where open-toed shoes are just practical. Flip-flops are allowed for specific activities such as showers and Lunch Under the Apple Tree on Thursdays. Additionally, river shoes are recommended for swimming and mandatory for canoeing. Our campers and counselors love Chacos and Crocs for river activities.

The Art of Packing

The meticulousness of the camp’s Packing List reflects decades of experience in the camp world. The administrative team’s personal experience as former campers and counselors at Alleghany has honed their understanding of the optimal number of clothing items needed for various activities, ensuring campers are prepared for the ever-changing camp environment without overpacking. Please use our Packing Guide when preparing for the summer! Additionally, we enlisted the help of veteran families to share their tips and tricks on packing for camp in a blog series, read about packing for camp here! 

More Questions?

Follow along on our Blog this spring as we answer more of our Frequently Asked Questions! Or if you want more answers, visit our FAQ page or email us with specific questions.