Camp Counselors are Some of the Best Role Models

Here at Alleghany, we believe that the summer camp experience isn’t just about canoeing and campfires; it’s a place where young girls discover their true potential with the guidance of some of the most inspiring role models. Our camp counselors are some of the most kind, hardworking, and inspiring individuals, we feel truly lucky to work with each and every one of them for a few months each summer. Our camp counselors are an integral part of our camper’s experience and without their guidance and hard work our summers would not be the same. They make some of the best role models for our campers, and here are just a few reasons why!

Empowered Women, Empower Women

Role ModelsOur Alleghany counselors are a testament to the strength and empowerment of women. These young ladies lead by example, showing campers that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. From tacking the bouldering wall to performing in front of the entire camp, counselors embody the idea that girls can do it all.

Diverse Backgrounds and Interests

Camp Alleghany’s counselors come from all over the world, bringing a rich tapestry of experiences and interests to the camp. This diversity allows campers to see that there’s no one way to be a successful woman. Whether a counselor is an artist, athlete, scientist, or musician, our campers learn that their passions and dreams are valid and attainable.

Mentors, Role Models and Friends

Role ModelsCamp Alleghany counselors are more than just authority figures; they’re mentors and friends. They listen, support, and encourage campers to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness. They foster an environment where every girl feels valued, loved, and accepted.

Resilience and Grit 

Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and our counselors understand that. They teach campers the value of resilience and grit through challenges and setbacks, helping girls build the confidence to tackle life’s obstacles head-on.

Teamwork and Leadership

Role ModelsCamp Alleghany is all about teamwork, and ‘Ghany’s counselors exemplify this through their collaborative spirit. They teach campers how to work together, communicate effectively, and lead with compassion—essential life skills for any young girl.

Unplugged Inspiration

In a world filled with screens and social media, Camp Alleghany counselors remind campers that some of the best memories are made without technology. Our tech-free environment fosters a healthy relationship between our campers, counselors, and their self-esteem. With both campers and counselors taking a much-needed break from screens during the summer our campers can see that fun and relaxation are possible without their phones. 

Love for Nature

Alleghany’s beautiful natural surroundings inspire counselors and campers alike to appreciate and protect the environment. This love for nature fosters a sense of responsibility, teaching girls to be caretakers of our planet.

Lasting Bonds

Role ModelsThe friendships formed at Camp Alleghany are lifelong, and many campers return as counselors themselves, further enriching the camp’s legacy of female empowerment. These camp bonds last long after our campers and counselors cross the river and leave Alleghany, one of our favorite motos is camp friends are the best friends!

A Place Where Girls Can Be Girls

In a world that sometimes sends mixed messages to young girls, at Alleghany we strive to create a place where girls can grow, learn, and thrive under the guidance of exceptional role models. The counselors at Camp Alleghany instill in girls the belief that they are strong, capable, and deserving of success in whatever they choose to pursue.