Parent Resources: FAQs Before Summer 2023

The summer is quickly approaching and that means our parents and campers have lots of questions! We are always available to answer any and all questions you may have about Alleghany or Summer 2023, but if you don’t want to wait for an email back or are too busy for a phone call, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and our answers for you!

Not all of your questions will be answered by this blog, or else the blog would be never-ending! If you don’t see your question, please head to our new FAQ page on our website for more! 

Now let’s get to what you came for — answers! 

What size trunk should I get?

Check out our online store with Everything Summer Camp! Purchase everything from trunks, to clothing, to gear. Our recommended trunk size: no larger than 32;L x 18;W x 16.5H (recommended sizes from Everything Summer Camp are the Happy Camper and the Undergrad). You don’t need to purchase from ESC, trunks are available from other places, but this is the size we recommend (please no oversized trunks!).

How may I communicate with my camper while she is at camp?

The Camp Office phone is for camp business only. Campers are not allowed to make or receive phone calls except in the case of an emergency as determined by the Camp Directors. We do encourage family members and friends to send mail either using one-way e-mail through CampStamps in your CampMinder account or Campanion app (delivered to a camper within 24 hours) or using the old-fashioned United States Post Office. 

Please be mindful that postal service in rural areas is a bit slower than in the city. Please consider this when sending or awaiting camper mail. But everyone loves to receive mail!

How do I prepare my child for leaving home?

First, read this blog! Additionally, it is important to tell your camper that she or a tentmate might get homesick and that is O.K. That is a part of camp and if anyone does, there are folks there to help if help is needed.  Be assured that we work as a team to make sure your child is happy, and our nurturing counselors and staff are trained in working with homesick campers. You can also read our blogs on homesickness, as well as other preparation topics on our Parent Resources page and in our Parent Handbook, so be sure to read those thoroughly for more tips.

May I send food to my camper?

There is NO FOOD allowed in the tent area. Girls may not bring food in from home, nor will food mailed to them be permitted on tent row. Food in tents attracts mice, bugs, raccoons, and other critters, so it stays in the Dining Hall!

May I visit my camper during the term?

Alleghany does not have a visitation day during the term, but we welcome you to visit and see our facilities and meet our staff on Opening Day!

Questions about Meals, Packing, and Opening Day?

If you are wondering about Alleghany’s meals, packing for camp, or Opening Day stay tuned for upcoming blogs, email communication, visit our website, or check out the Parent Handbook!


And again, more information is on our FAQ page, so please check that out.

And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office! We’re always happy to help prepare parents and campers for their time at Alleghany, so that everyone feels comfortable and confident going into this experience.