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Centered on Girls Since 1922

A girl becomes the best version of herself at Camp Alleghany. She’ll always remember her summer on the banks of the glorious Greenbrier River in the lush mountains of West Virginia.

Over a century of fun and friends, we’ve prepared campers for purposeful lives as independent, thoughtful, and self-confident young women.

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Keeping the Lanterns Lit

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Praise for Camp Alleghany

  • I dedicated weeks to searching for the best summer camp for my daughter — and I have the spreadsheet to prove it. The requirements were many including being accredited, free from technology, gossip, and boys. Alleghany checked every box, but it was our visit to family camp that sealed the deal. Upon our arrival it became immediately clear that Alleghany is a family, and a beloved one at that.
    Amanda Beresford
    Amanda Beresford
  • This will be our 8th summer with Camp Alleghany. What started as a gentle yet adventurous “nudge” for our oldest daughter; to encourage more independence, unplug and get outside has turned into so much more for our entire family.  We have been impressed by so many of the staff, CA alumnae and CA families...We knew right away our daughters were in good hands.
    Dod Poe
  • At a time when girls can be trying out different behaviors and friend groups in middle and high school, returning to Alleghany each summer provides an annual opportunity to re-connect with core values of kindness, integrity and good citizenship. Her grounding in her ‘Ghany Girl identity helps reinforce these values in our daughter all year long.
    Phleger family
    Courtney and Peter Phleger

Growin Up at ‘Ghany

“The Circle Game” song at camp reminds us that we visit at different ages and stages, including working at camp as a counselor. What is your circle game story? Want to get one? Then join us at camp on our staff!

99 THINGS — Part 2: Downtime

Relaxing at camp is one of camp’s greatest assets, providing a digital detox as well as vital renewing forces through nature, quiet, and summer ease.

99 THINGS! A Blog Series in our Countdown to Camp

A year of COVID adaptations has us all being resilient, flexible, and adaptable to changes we don’t enjoy, but we do accept as what’s necessary in extraordinary times. But surely we all wonder whether anything will ever be the same again? We all want to know whether the things we love are still available to […]