Life at Alleghany: A Day in the Life of a ‘Ghany Girl

One of the most common questions we get asked when prospective parents or campers are looking into Alleghany is what does a day at Alleghany look like? And while we have information on our website about this question, this blog goes in-depth into what our ‘Ghany Girls experience on a typical day here at Alleghany. 

While every day here holds new experiences and some days, such as Sundays and Holidays (4th of July and Christmas in July), have unique programming that differs from our everyday routine, most days hold the same structure. 

Morning Time

Each morning our Campers and Counselors are woken up at 7:30 am by Reveille, which is a bugle played over our camp-wide speaker system. Ten minutes later, at 7:40 am, we play a song over the speaker system as our version of a “snooze alarm” this signals (mostly for our senior campers aged 13-16) the last call to wake up and get the day going. Shortly after the snooze alarm at 7:45 am, we have Flag Raising in both Jr. and Sr. Camp, all campers and counselors pause and step outside of their tents to watch the flag being raised and (optionally) sing the pledge of allegiance. 

Breakfast comes at 8:00 am when campers and counselors are signaled to make their way to our Dinning Hall by a bell. After all of camp is gathered at our Dinning Hall, we (optionally) sing grace and begin eating. Breakfast typically lasts about 45 minutes and after everyone is finished eating we have a few all-camp announcements then return to our tents to clean and straighten up for inspection. 

Our daily inspection happens at the same time as our all-camp assembly each morning at 9:15 am, campers gather in our Playhall to sing songs, cheer for their color team, and get excited for the day ahead of them. During this time, a few counselors inspect each tent to make sure everything is neat and tidy. Campers and counselors are expected to make their beds, sweep their tents, and tidy their belongings each day, this is an important aspect of community living here at ‘Ghany. 

Following assembly and inspection our traditional programming begins. At 10:00 am campers head to their first Activity of the day. Our campers have the opportunity to select 4 activities at the beginning of the camp term and they stick with those activities throughout all 3 weeks. This allows them to set long-term goals for themselves and truly learn a new skill or improve their knowledge or skill base. The second activity of the day begins at 11:00 am and goes on until 12:00 pm. Between these activities, we offer a snack of either fresh fruit or a salty treat such as pretzels or goldfish. 

At noon we have a small break in our programming for free time. During this free time our campers have options, they can get their mail for the day, shop or browse our Camp Store, participate in free swim, spend time with their tent mates and counselor, play on our playground, hang out with their friends in our hammock village, the list goes on! Free time at Alleghany is an important part of our daily life, this time allows campers to develop independence in a safe and supervised environment. 

The Afternoon

The Lunch Bell rings at 1:00 pm and all of camp gathers in the Dining Hall, lunch lasts for about 45 minutes. Next comes Rest Hour which begins at 1:45 pm, Rest Hour is a quiet time on tent row. Campers and counselors spend an hour in their tents reading, writing letters home, napping, making friendship bracelets, or playing quiet games. This time allows our campers to reset and rest during our busy and often loud days. 

After Rest Hour our Campers head to their 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm Activities in between these activities we have another snack time. Following afternoon activities at 5:00 pm campers have an hour of Free Time before dinner, they can get their mail, go to free swim, shop at the Camp Store, or spend time with friends on tent row. During this free time, we have Flag Lowering, shortly after the Dinner Bell rings at 6:15 pm. All of camp make their way to the dining hall for our final meal of the day, all of our meals include a protein, veggie, and carb option as well as an available salad bar (which is a favorite among our campers and counselors.) 

The fun doesn’t end after dinner! At 7:30 campers gather for an Evening Activity which is different each night, some that we love are Campfires, Vespers, Crab Soccer, and Blue/Gray (Color War) activities. These Evening Activities can be an all-camp event or split up between Jr. and Sr. Camp depending on the night. 

Evening Time

One of camp’s most beloved traditions comes right before bedtime, that is Milk and Cookies! After the Evening Activity has concluded, campers change into their PJs and gather at the Snack Shack for Milk and Cookies. After enjoying a little sweet treat campers brush their teeth and get ready for bed. 

Jr. Campers are in their beds by 9:20 pm and (hopefully) asleep by 9:40 pm when all lights are out. Those 20 minutes before bed serves as a great time for tentmates and their counselors to bond, read a book together or tell each other their highs and lows of the day!

Sr. Campers ha a similar evening routine, just 20 minutes later! All Sr. Campers are in their beds by 9:40 pm and (hopefully) asleep by 10:00 pm when Taps blows and lights are out! 

That’s A Lot!

Camp is stuffed full of fun, which is what camp is all about! Whether it is facilitated fun or choose your own adventure our campers are always laughing, smiling, and running around (unless they are sleeping!) 

While each day is different this is the shell of each day here at ‘Ghany! If you have further questions about any part of our day please contact us!