Parent Resources: Why an All Girls Camp May be Right for your Daughter

Camp Alleghany is a place where girls can come together and make friends, have fun, and learn new skills. ‘Ghany has been around since 1922, but our programs have evolved over time to reflect social change and serve our community. So how do you know that an all-girls camp is the right choice for your daughter? 

Our Mission

An all-girls setting fosters a supportive community where girls can feel comfortable being themselves. Our counselors at Camp Alleghany are trained in working with young women and understand how to help them best succeed. They provide guidance and support while also encouraging independence and personal growth. 

Alleghany’s philosophy is that in this structured and fun setting, away from peer pressure and academic expectations, young women grow into confident and successful individuals capable of anything.

Our success at Alleghany is due to our unified vision and belief system. Here, our mission is to ensure we are always working towards naturally inspiring growth through honor, loyalty, and friendship.

Our Activities

Here at Camp Alleghany, we offer a diverse range of activities to our campers, allowing them to broaden their horizons and challenge themselves to try new things while setting and achieving goals in their individual departments. Offering such a program provides the young women at Alleghany with the opportunity not only to enhance their technical skills in, say, tennis or swimming but also to develop life skills such as cooperation, tenacity, dedication, initiative, and independence.

Girls spend their days at camp doing all sorts of activities that they wouldn’t normally do in school or at home. They take canoeing lessons and practice archery, but they also get to hike and explore nature. They even have the chance to try out for a play or create a dance routine! Each day at camp is about more than just fun — it’s about learning new skills and making new friends.

A Camp for Girls

Camp Alleghany is not just a place for girls to go — it’s a place for girls to be. Our campers are empowered and encouraged to be themselves, to make choices and decisions, and to explore the world around them. We want our campers to grow into confident young women who will take on the world!

We believe that all children deserve a place in the summer camp world, regardless of their gender orientation. However, our little slice of the summer camp world is about girls — their needs, their voices, the unique pressures they face in society and culture, and all that they can achieve within both the obstacles and avenues to progress in our times. We’re fully committed to this mission as it is — and the spaces to accommodate them — remain crucial to society even today.

Why it Works

Camp Alleghany is a place where all girls can be themselves and feel safe to be themselves, try new things, fail, smile, laugh, and thrive. By taking away the pressure of social media, boys, school work, and other social pressures, ‘Ghany Girls can explore new interests and excel. We take pride in being a safe place for girls to grow in their confidence and self-assurance.