Life at Alleghany: Our Different Sessions, Which is Right for You?

So, you have made the decision to send your daughter to camp, but how do you know what length of time at camp is right for your family? While there are lots of factors that go into this decision, here at Alleghany we have created 4 different camper paths for you and your daughter to choose from. 

Mother-Daughter Weekend

Mother-Daughter Weekend is a fun-filled 3-day introduction to Camp Alleghany. It is for Mothers (or any female family member) and their daughters aged 5-10 who have never been to Alleghany as a camper before. 

It is specifically designed for campers who may not be ready to go to a sleepaway camp alone just yet. Mother-Daughter Weekend provides a shortened version of our traditional Summer Camp experience to families who are curious about camp but not ready for one of our longer sessions. 

We always have the best time at our Mother-Daughter Weekend and even have campers who enjoy it so much they stay for our next session, which we call Mini Camp! To learn more about Mother-Daughter Weekend please visit our full webpage or check out some of our Mother-Daughter Blog Posts!

Mini Camp

Mini Camp is a one-week “mini” version of our traditional 3-week sessions. Aimed at girls who have never been to camp before (with the exception of Mother-Daughter Weekend) Mini Camp gives brand-new campers a taste of ‘Ghany’s traditions, routines, and experiences. 

Mini Camp is, however, not an alternative to our 3-week terms, and because of this, our campers can only come to Mini Camp for one summer. Our Mini Campers are in 1st  through 4th grades (rising 2nd-5th) and get a unique camper experience. While our Term Camp counselors teach our daily activities, Mini Campers get Alleghany Alums as their tent counselors. These Alums come back each summer just for Mini Camp, they may be mothers, teachers, nurses, and more but for one week they are Mini Camp counselors! 

For more information about Mini Camp, please visit our full webpage or check out some of our Mini Camp Related Blog Posts!

Term Camp

Term Camp is our bread and butter here at Alleghany. The 3-week sleepaway experience is for girls aged 7-16. We offer two 3-week sessions called First Term and Second Term. Some families choose their session based on school or vacation schedules; others attend both terms, which we call “Full Term.” In these 3 weeks, campers have four daily activities to choose from – each one offers growth, goal-setting opportunities, and practical experiences in leadership. As the girls get older (14 and 15), they live in their own tents with counselors just next door – practicing their independence by doing things on their own but still within reach for support.

Term camp is designed for courageous campers who are ready to spend 3 weeks away from home, learning new skills, making friends, and of course, having fun! Learn more about Term Camp on our website or read more about Term Camp on our Blog!

Family Camp

Last but not least, Family Camp! Family Camp is a one-week period where your entire family can come to camp (yes, even boys!) Family Camp is our last session of each season and families can sign up for just a few days or the entire week! We have families come year after year and even continue to come with their adult children. We offer most of our regular programming along with family camp-specific programming such as live music and pickleball! 

Our Family Camp hosts many of our Alumni as well as brand-new families who want to see what Alleghany is all about. It is the perfect introduction to camp for families with children who are too young or old for our other sessions.

Learn more about Family Camp on our website read our Family Camp Blog Posts!

So, Which Session is Right for You?

We hope this provides a little bit more insight into the purpose of each of our sessions, each is designed purposefully and passionately to empower young girls and inspire growth through honor, loyalty, and friendship. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to do some more research on our website or reach out to our office with any and all questions!