TBT: The Rattler May 9, 1962: 1962 Travel Plans

Campers showed a marked degree of travel independence in 1962 and they even seemed to be responsible for relaying travel plans TO their parents, rather than the other way around! Read today’s throwback article for more…

Mini Camp Reflections, 2021

Cloud Q. Conrad returned to ‘Ghany to join other alums in spending a week as a Mini Camp Counselor. Read her joyful reflections on the experience.

Fun News at the Camp Store

It’s a new year, and new ‘Ghany Gear…and a new Camp Store! Read a quick blog for our Camp Store Managers and see what’s available this year for your shopping pleasure.

A Taste of Staff Training Week 2021

Editor’s Note: As of today’s date, this Staff Training blog post actually refers to the last couple of weeks. Now we’re deep into the First Term of camp (after Mini Camp). But because we’re so busy at camp letting camp be camp, we don’t move as quickly to get stories like this onto the blog, but […]

The Joys of Mother-Daughter Weekend 2021

So much fun was had at Mother-Daughter Weekend and it was AMAZING to be back at camp! See what MDW holds and plan to come next summer for camp’s 100th Anniversary!