Work at Camp for our 100th Summer

Every summer is the perfect summer to work at Camp Alleghany for Girls.

I ask you, What’s not to like about working here? At ‘Ghany you will:

  • Live and work and play on 180 pristine acres of riverfront property, with immaculate sunsets, clear nights, and fog covered mountain mornings.
  • Float down the river and explore the West Virginia mountains.
  • Take a most excellent break from the non-stop world of technology and social media.
  • Create bonds and friendships with other staff from a local city and from across the world.
  • Share your culture and learn something new about other cultures.
  • Expand your worldview!
  • Eat food prepared by an all-star team in the kitchen.
  • Try something new like canoeing or target shooting on the Rifle Range.
  • Help shape and form tomorrow’s female leaders by empowering and teaching them. All the activities you teach will secretly shape them into better, more confident young women.
  • Be part of an enduring community and generations of women (and men) who have come before.
  • Help propel the next generation forward into another 100 years of life changing summers.

You get to do all of that as part of your job at ‘Ghany, perhaps the most rewarding job you may ever have.

Working in the camp industry offers so much in the way of tangible and transferable skills to future jobs. Skills like collaboration, teamwork, communications, creativity, flexibility, problem solving, event planning, mediation, leadership, and so much more. These are the skills that every HR Director, every supervisor, every boss, every company owner wants in their staff. Camp creates so many opportunities for you to learn, grow, and develop both these skills, and your own innermost self — your grit, resilience, and character.

Add to all this that your compensation package includes room and board, which takes the stress out of summer living plans. Being at Camp Alleghany is so much more than just a summer job. This is an opportunity for growth, skill building, community building, and for changing the world.

In it together

There’s reason why our campers come back as Junior Counselors and continue for years after that. There’s a reason why our international staff return to us for multiple years. There’s a reason why former campers and staff spend weeks each summer volunteering their time and donating tuition money to be at Alleghany to give that opportunity to the next generation of ‘Ghany Girls. There’s a reason Camp has been around 100 years.

That reason is the community.

It’s the people at Alleghany who create the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. It’s the people who empower young women. It’s the people who care for the land. It’s the people who share memories. It’s the people who laugh together, sing together, cry together. It’s the people who built and continue to build Alleghany into the home away from home that it has become for so many. “They Built Camp Alleghany,” and you, too, can continue to build “the best camp ever to be found in the land.”

While every summer is the perfect summer to work at Camp, this summer is even more perfect!

This year we celebrate 100 years of camping on the Greenbrier River. This summer we celebrate 100 years of empowering women, women who have forged friendships and have shared experiences of century old traditions, timeless songs, and the waters of Greenbrier River flowing gently by as the years pass.

You can never step in the same river twice, but at Alleghany, you can take The Barge across the river to come home for the first time or the 100th time. It will always be home, and this year we have a very special summer-long celebration of our home.

Join us!

Will you join us for our 100th summer? Help us celebrate 100 years of Camping. 100 years of empowering women. 100 years of amazing staff who make the Magic of Alleghany happen every summer.

Will you experience the magic this summer?

Will you be the magic for a camper this year?

Apply today and let’s celebrate together!

— Casey Tucker, Program Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls