Celebrating Ghany’s 100 Years Now and Through 2022

As promised, I’m taking some time today to let you know about our exciting year of events, schwag, and surprises as we celebrate 100 Years of Camp Alleghany for Girls.

We recently held our inaugural planning meeting so I have a few bits of info on deck. It’s all still very much in the developing phases, but I want to share what is known as well as entice you with some teasers.

First, we have two fearless co-chairs — Laura Dietz Gorsuch and Mary-Curtis Smart Powell —who are heading up the 100th Anniversary Committee. We’re so grateful for their time, leadership, and the creativity they’ll bring to creating a memorable year and 100th Summer.

You can reach them at Ghany100th@gmail.com with your ideas, suggestions, or volunteer offers. And our ongoing updates for the 100th Year Celebrations has its own page on our website. So bookmark that and check back all year long.

Our year full of fun includes all who want to participate — alumnae, current and former campers and staff, parents, camp families, camp associates (businesses we work with), and friends of ‘Ghany! All are welcome to join in this historic moment.

Why Wait?

Hey, we’re not waiting until the summer of 2022 to celebrate our 100th year since camp itself would have been planning for its first summer in that first winter before we opened!

So all year long in the lead up to next summer we’ll be doing fun online activities.

You never know what camp-y happenings, ideas, or challenges we’ll put out there for this watershed year so make sure you stay in the loop by following our social media —  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter — and by using and following the hashtag #GhanyTurns100.

We’re also cautiously optimistic about hosting some reunion events through out the off season. We’re taking a wait-and-see approach on that pending comfort level with the latest Covid issues. (P.S. on that front — you do know that we had both a 100% Covid-free summer and a pretty normal summer in spite of Covid modifications? YAY! Read all about THAT in an upcoming blog!)

Even if we can’t get together in person, we are planning a couple of 100th Anniversary Virtual Campfires so stay tuned…

Throwback Thursdays

Each week we’ll be posting a Thursday blog drawing on old articles and memorabilia from the Alleghany Rattler, camp’s longtime newspaper that used to come out in actual newsprint with its own cool masthead and everything.

We’ll share these news stories with you on social media, along with TBT pics, too!

Our First Big Event

Our kickoff event is Fall ‘Ghany Spirit Week!

Mark your e-calendars for the Week of October 4th when we’ll have fun ‘Ghany themes and outfits for every day of the week that we share online. You’re invited to join in the fun by taking pics and videos and using the #Ghany100th hashtag.

Share your spirit days on your accounts, and tag us — help us show our camp-wide excitement over being 100! Tell all your friends about your camp story and spread the ‘Ghany love!

Our second Spirit Week will be in the spring beginning the Week of March 7. That week, on Wednesday, March 9, we’ll mark 100 days to the start of camp! (100 days to Mother-Daughter Weekend Opening Day). Then the real countdown begins. You won’t want to miss it so mark your e-calendar in advance starting…now!

Sing, Sing a Song…

Pull out that Camp Alleghany Songbook and brush up on your knowledge of our camp songs because we’re going to have some competitions (with prizes!).

Not only do we raise every ‘Ghany Girl’s individual voice at camp as a philosophical point and educational goal, we also raise her voice in song! Yes, YOU can sing! So share a snippet in your stories, or shoot a video with a camp friend and share it with #GhanyTurns100 and also be ready for your ‘Ghany Girls Got Talent moments when we put out some song challenges this year.

The Yearly Camp Tee

Of course every year has its summer tee shirt. But this summer? Get ready, because this is one (or maybe even several options) that you won’t want to miss!

Even as we speak design fairies are working behind the scenes to make this tee and as soon as we can (hopefully in time for the holidays) we’ll have it ready. We even hope to make it available for sale online. SO wish us luck and send us your guesses for what this 100th Summer Anniversary Tee Shirt will look like!

Summer Fun 2022

Then comes the big event — ALL SUMMER LONG we’ll be celebrating our 100th Summer! There are so many ways to make this special and, of course, many of them remain top secret for now. You’ll just have to come to camp if you want to be a part of it.

Which reminds me — our Early Bird Registration for this historic summer at Mini and Term Camp opens October 1st. We’re already over half full for both terms and amply enrolled for Mini Camp due to end-of-camp registrations this summer. If you want your 100th anniversary slot I’d encourage you to bookmark this page and  get ready to register asap on October 1st.

But what if you’re too old for camp? Well, our dear alumnae  are invited to visit camp during the Summer 2022 for a day or two to share memories, photos, and/or songs with the camp community. If that interests you, please contact Laura and Mary-Curtis with your times and ideas.

The Big Blowout!

Yes, we’ll be celebrating with the campers all summer, but we’ll also host our big blowout party on Saturday, August 13 during Family Camp.

That’s all in the planning stages so details are still to come. Early Bird registration for Family Camp during this historic summer will open in February of 2022. We hope to also offer at that time the option of a day pass for The Big Blowout if you don’t want to spend the night at Family Camp.

And More…

What would a ‘Ghany event be without some top-secret surprises? If we told you ALL the details, what fun would that be? Like I said, you’ll just have to stay tuned. So please, subscribe to our blog and follow along.

Help us make this 100th Anniversary memorable, meaningful, and special. What that will take is YOU!


— Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls