What’s Happening At The 100th Summer Camp Store

Happy 100th Summer ‘Ghany Friends from Ruth and Jennifer in the Camp Store!

We’ve been hard at work developing new ‘Ghany swag for this exciting and very special 100th summer.

Despite the dreaded “supply chain issues,” we’ve come up with some pretty awesome stuff. This is by no means all of our new merchandise, but we wanted you to have a small sneak peek at some of what we’ll have in stock.

100th Summer Merch!

We had to bring back the beloved Patagonia style tee. It will be available in both a short sleeve and long sleeve options.

Another design we’re excited about is the lantern one. It’s offered in three different colors.  How will you decide which one to get?

You’ll be able to adorn your tree this year with commemorative 100th Summer Christmas ornaments. In eco-friendly style, this super special keepsake is truly locally made, and handmade, using repurposed old tent hanging shelves. What a treasure!

It’s another tie dye summer. We’ve got another great tie dye tee and a darling tie dye bucket hat. We’ve got our eyes on you Mini Campers!

Retro Blue/Gray Shirts

We brought back some old designs that some of you veterans may remember.

New Hoodies

Check out these new pullover hoodies. And zip-up hoodies! We’re offering zipper hoodies in blue and gray with a cool new design.

MORE New Stuff

We are offering both sweatpants and joggers this summer as well so you’ll be all ready for the cool summer nights.

Stickers! We have lots of new stickers for your water bottles, trunks, cars, or wherever!

How about Camp Alleghany Shoe charms? Make some space in your Crocs for these cuties.

We know you’ll enjoy our new Pura Vida Bracelets in your ‘Ghany team colors.

This isn’t everything in the Camp Store, but just a taste of what we’ll have this summer!

Parents: We anticipate inviting you to join us in person across the river on Opening Day. Because we have a lot of extra special ‘Ghany gear and, unfortunately, inflation has also hit the camp store, you might want to consider adding a bit more to your child’s account. 

— Ruth and Jennifer in the Camp Store