Work at Camp for our 100th Summer

There’s lots of reasons to work at our summer camp, starting with the nourishing natural setting. But for 2022 we’ll go one better — it’s our 100th summer and it’s going to be a blow out!

Camp Fills the Need: Part 1, Screen Time Impacts

Too many screens for too much of the time are greatly impacting how kids develop and how people interact. How did we get here, and what’s it doing to us? Let’s explore it this week on the blog.

Request for Electronics Donations

Please check out our blog today with a special request for used electronics to aid our Photography and Dance Departments AND give more counselors access to equipment at camp.

Updated electronics policy

What’s awesome about camp? Getting away from it all — especially from the endless bustle of the online world. That’s why our no electronics policy is so important and why it includes no digital cameras or video cameras.