Sales, Deals, and Deadlines!

We’ve got our Early Bird Special, a Black Friday deal on ‘Ghany gear, a Cyber Monday special on registration and several events coming up. Read all about it on the blog!

When Parents are “Campsick” for their Campers

In the camp industry there’s one thing we know for sure and that is that sleepaway campers never really get that homesick. There, I said it. (And I wrote about it in the blog post linked in the previous sentence.) Yes, often first time campers will get a little bit homesick. And by a little, […]

How to Help Campers and Parents Find Out About Camp

Sleepaway summer camps, like any other business, have to rely on marketing to reach potential camp families, and they essentially always have. It may feel strange to talk about marketing camp, or camp as a business, but marketing is simply telling our story. Who, what, where, why, and when? For us, marketing has always been […]

The Big Release: Featured Camper Video!

Begun in 2018 and two years in the making, our video of Vivian’s camp journey could be the story of any camper — her uncertainties, her eagerness, her challenges and her joys — in being a first time camper at ‘Ghany!