Sales, Deals, and Deadlines!

Thanksgiving this week, the holidays looming, and the occasional crazy weather day — you’re busy at this time of year, and we are too. That’s why I wanted to write just the briefest update about all things ‘Ghany so you’ll have in one handy place our most important fall and winter news.

Save Big Now

As most of you know, we’re in the final countdown of our Early Bird Registration season. You have from now until Midnight between December 1 and December 2, 2022, to register your Mini Camper, Term Camper, or Leader-In-Training at our lowest registration cost of the year. If you typically see relatives at Thanksgiving or over that weekend who help send your camper to us, it’s a good time to finalize plans for camp and lock in that rate as well as be sure to guarantee her spot before our waitlist kicks in.

And as an extra incentive, if you register on Cyber Monday, we’re running a special where you only pay a $250 deposit instead of our customary $500 deposit for Term Camp and only a $150 deposit instead of a $300 deposit for Mini Camp. (The only risk there is waiting and then ending up on the waitlist).

Either way — register your camper today at the Early Bird Rate NOW or register her on Cyber Monday at the same rate but a lower deposit using this same link:

Register For Camp

As they say in TV ads, BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!!

Our retail partner Everything Summer Camp is running a “Black Friday” event that should more rightly be called a “Black Friday Month” event as it runs from November 1 to December 16th!

With it, you get 10% off all ‘Ghany branded items. So if you’re looking to stock up on your camper’s gear early, and save money to boot, now’s the time to do it. Just think, you can also wrap it all up and make it a holiday gift. And if you haven’t yet told her she gets to come back to camp, it’s even double the surprise and can be double the holiday gift!

Our ESC rep Matt has told me that they have worked very hard, despite supply chain shortage issues, to stock as much inventory as possible.

Use the link below for these once-a-year savings on Camp Alleghany merch:

Start at Everything Summer Camp!

Scholarship Deadline Looming — Scholarship Donations Any Time

If you’d like to apply for our need-based Lantern Scholarship, or know someone who would be a great candidate for camp but who would need assistance, please remember that its deadline coincides with the Early Bird Registration deadline — everything is due December 15, 2022.

So please, grab an application and get to work so that all your pieces are in place asap or by the Dec. 15. deadline:

Apply for the Lantern Scholarship

If instead you’d like to donate to the Lantern Scholarship, you can do that any time of the year. Your donations help make camp possible for a needy camper and helps promote diversity at camp. All donations are warmly welcomed and we thank you in advance.

Tuesday, November 29th is Giving Tuesday, which makes it a great day to donate to this excellent program sponsored by our active Camp Alleghany Alumni Association.

Donate to the Lantern Scholarship

A Time for Togetherness and Gratitude

If you missed our Fall Reunions, don’t forget to check out our recent blog on those events! It was a wonderful time to connect in person (especially post-COVID, it’s wonderful to have these opportunities again!), and to meet new faces – we actually had three new families register after our reunions!

Even if you are not able to get together with loves ones or camp friends over the holiday break, we encourage you to reach out via text, email – or even snail mail! – to a camp bestie, a favorite counselor, or even an admin team member or support staff member you appreciate. Tell them how thankful you are that they’re in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving

This ends your brief News Update — if you have any questions please email me. I’d love to hear from you and help you in any way possible.

In the meantime, please have a happy, healthy, safe, and stress-free Thanksgiving. All our love from ‘Ghany!

— Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls