Parent Resources: Is it too Late to Register my Child for Summer Camp?

Spring has officially sprung and it’s at this time of year that we tend to get lots of worried emails and phone calls asking: is it too late to register my child for camp??? Fret not we still have a few Summer 2023 spots available! We know that summer plans can change and evolve as the spring unfolds and wouldn’t want any of our families to miss out on a fun-filled summer with us here at Alleghany! That’s why we are committed to offering as many spots as possible- and being transparent about our availability so our parents know when to sign their camper up!

While our Mother-Daughter Weekend and Mini Camp are both on a waitlist (put your name on the waitlist fast if you are interested in these sessions!) we still have limited spots available for First and Second Terms! But they are going quickly so don’t wait any longer to sign your camper(s) up!

The Spring Time Rush!

Spring is a busy and exciting season for us here at the Alleghany Office! We are hiring counselors, calendar planning, program planning, setting up our campgrounds, as well as filling our last few available summer slots. For you busy parents who want to sign their child up for Summer 2023 at Alleghany we want to update you on our waitlist status for all of our sessions and age groups. (these change every day!)

At this time of year, we begin to create waitlists based on age groups- some age groups are already full, while others have some spots open. As the summer approaches, we fill up quickly as parents finalize their families’ summer plans. This doesn’t mean it is too late to sign up, but we don’t recommend waiting any longer. The closer Opening Day is, the fewer spots we have available! Some age groups have already been put on waitlists- to find out if your campers’ age group is on a waitlist please head to CampMinder to begin the registration process, or contact the Office to inquire about availability. With that said, here is an overview of our sessions and their current statuses: 

  • Mother-Daughter Weekend: Waitlist
  • Mini Camp: Waitlist
  • First Term: Limited Spots Available
  • Second Term: Limited Spots Available

What are the Chances my Camper will Make it off of the Waitlist?

Our waitlists are updated all of the time when families change their summer plans, campers switch sessions, or extenuating circumstances occur that prevent a camper from attending, such as a medical situation. You can always email us to check the likelihood or ask about our ever-changing waitlists. We do everything we can to enroll as many campers as possible while keeping our camper-to-counselor ratios up to ACA Standards and ensure all of our activities and programs can run smoothly.

Opening Day for Mother-Daughter Weekend is less than 60 days away, Mini Camp is less than 60 days away, First Term is less than 75 days away, and Second Term is less than 100! The summer is fast approaching, and while it may be what we here at Alleghany think about all year, we know that the rest of the year can be busy and hectic for families, so now is the time to check one thing off of your ever-growing to-do list and register your camper for Summer 2023 at Alleghany!

When Should I Sign My Child Up Next Year if I Want to Avoid a Waitlist?

If you want to ensure your child has a spot at Alleghany we recommend enrolling her either right after her session is over this summer during our 24-hour enrollment period, or in the Fall when we launch our Early Bird Registration (October 1 through December 1). Not only does signing up early save your child a spot at camp, but it also saves you money as these are our best rates each year!

Don’t Worry!

As you can tell, we still have a few spots available so there is still time! But I wouldn’t wait too long because these spots do fill up quickly. And remember – even if you’re on the Wait List, things do change. Plans change, things happen, unforeseen circumstances occur. So hang tight and be patient, and we will be in touch.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Office if you have any questions or concerns about registering your camper for Summer 2023! We hope to see you at Alleghany this summer!