Celebrating the 100th All Summer

Celebrating our 100th Anniversary year has been so fun since we started crafting online events and in-person plans last fall with our Anniversary Committee. And it will continue to be so fun, culminating in our Big 100th Anniversary Bash in August during Family Camp.

In fact sales for are going really well for the Bash, so if you haven’t yet picked your tickets up, you may want to sooner rather than later!

Our excitement continues to build for this historic summer, including plans for how our campers will get to celebrate with us both this summer, and before camp starts, with an upcoming Spring Spirit Week and more.

Party All Summer Long

At camp itself we’re going to celebrate from Mother-Daughter Weekend all the way to Family Camp. Some things will be left as a surprise, but here are a few teasers:

Stewards of camp have been great at preserving archival photos of our past century. We’ll have a slideshow night for all sessions (including Mother-Daughter Weekend, if time permits!). We want to show campers as many archival photo albums, Rattlers, Yearbooks, and memorabilia as we can to ensure that they feel that connection to to the many generations of campers and staff just like themselves who have made ‘Ghany what it is over the years.

One unique-to-2022 event that we’re hosting is History Hangouts during Term Camp. Each age group will have a special time to hang out on the Cottage Porch to look through these photos in person, see and touch old memorabilia, learn about some past traditions, ask questions, and share their thoughts and impressions about camp over the years!

Mini Camp already does something similar to this, where each age group has a “Happy Hour” to learn about camp traditions that started as early as 1922. History Hangouts expands on this and takes it to the next level in celebrating the whole arc of 100 years — from crisp uniforms of the 1930s to the polyester of the 70s, from horseback riding once upon a time, to train ride excursions, from the old Rattler Activity to crafting that included weaving and hand sewing and so much more!

Voices of the Past

Our all-important Camp Alleghany Alumni Association offers a rich source of memory holding, and a tie to the ancestors whose past voices whisper to us across time from among the trees and breezes at camp. Alumnae visits offer opportunities for our campers today to hear their stories about camp “back in the day.” We want them to teach songs, talk about old traditions, and thoughts and memories about their times at ‘Ghany. We know this multi-generational inclusion will bring so much vibrance and joy to our summer reflections and celebrations and we can’t wait for these happenings. Those alumna who are at camp during a History Hangout will contribute or even take the lead!

Birthdays, Traditions, Swag, Oh My!

Each session of camp will get to have its cake and eat it too, with a once-in-a-century Evening Activity devoted to celebrating camp’s 100th birthday!

Camp traditions are always in rotation, with old ones being revived from time-to-time. This summer we’re making sure that old traditions will be explored before camp so that we have several that reflect the different decades.

As I’m sure you can imagine, we’re planning for some really fun gear and swag in the Camp Store with celebratory logos and images that are for this summer only! All campers will receive a free 100th anniversary tee shirt!

Speaking of the uniqueness of this summer, there are still a few spots left in Mini Camp (10 spots) and Term Camp (10-15 or so for each Term and 3 for Leaders-In-Training). We would hate for you to miss it so if you want to be here for our stellar 100th you should register now or risk being waitlisted.

And Top Secret Stuff, Too!

But far be it for me to spill the beans on our other festivities. That would be very un-camp of me! I need my secrets and surprises and you need them, too. The unexpected is part of what makes camp, camp! But I can assure you that our next committee meeting will be focused on cooking up even more 100th Summer fun. Hmmm…cooking up? Now, was that a hint? Maybe.

I’m counting down the months, weeks, and days until Opening Day. I hope you are, too!


Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls

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