Fall Reunions Reminder — Save Those Dates!


Fall is in full swing, and it’s about this time of year that I start to really miss camp life and camp friends. Like really miss them! School is getting more intense, activities are all-consuming, the holidays are about to ramp up…and when I was younger I would start dreaming about my days on the Greenbrier River just about now.

If this resonates with you, you’re in luck! Because just around the corner we have our

Fall Camp Reunions and Info Parties!

I want to reach out to all of our Camp Alleghany families old and new — as well as prospective families — with our reunion dates and plans and let you know that we’d love to see you and also provide some more information about what to expect at the parties.

I’m hoping you will add these dates to your best calendar (whether on the wall or electronic), and even get in touch with camp friends and other family members so that we get the biggest turnout ever for these Fall Reunions!

Reunions and Getting to Know You

We call these off-season events “reunions” because we want to see Alumnae and current camp families so much — we treasure our camp bonds! And later in this post, I have more details about what to expect at the reunion.

But these are not strictly reunions in the sense that we’re also hosting prospective families, too. Meeting new folks in person in areas close to where they live is one way to bridge the gap from information about camp on the Internet to in real life, where interested parents and would-be campers can see us face-to-face, get a feel for who we are, and ask those all-important questions*. Forming these personal relationships is so valuable to us and, we believe, to future camp families!

So please, PLEASE, bring those interested families. We would absolutely LOVE to meet them in this no-pressure situation for gathering, celebrating, meeting, greeting, and getting a sense of camp life and community.

These upcoming dates so far include:

  • A Fall Reunion in the DMV at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, Middle School Dining Room, 4401 W Braddock Rd, on Saturday, November 12th, from 1-3 pm RSVP 

If you think you’ll be coming, we’d love it if you would RSVP so we can begin to picture our headcount. And remember, all are welcome — you, campers, alum, any family members, friends you know, would be camp families and campers. The more the merrier!

Let’s Get Together

So what can you expect at these Reunion/Info Parties? All the fun, that’s what!

FOOD! We’ll have munchies and sweet treats and soft drinks so you can be sure you’ll have a hearty snack just for stopping by!

MUSIC! A festive mood will be set with pop songs and camp sing-alongs. The perfect vibe to take pics in our…Photo Booth!

A PHOTO BOOTH! Grab your best camp buddies or new friends and take home a souvenir of the day that’s extra special. Share it on social media too and let all your camp friends know that you were there for the 2022 Fall ‘Ghany Reunions!

CRAFTS! ‘Ghany Girls are not idle types. We keep busy. We do things. We’re makers! So plan to put on your creativity cap and get down to work making something that you’ll treasure as you dream of summers past or #summer2023 to come!

YEARBOOK PICK-UP!  If you were a camper in 2022 you can get your 2022 Yearbook at our Fall Reunions. Get all the group photos and individual shots and fun pics now instead of waiting for our mail-out date in the winter. If you can’t make it or live too far away, YES, you’ll still get yours in the mail when we do our mass mailing. But you can get it now if you come this November.

REGISTER! If you’re not yet registered for summer 2023 but want to be, you can do so at the reunions. This applies to returning as well as new campers.

DOOR PRIZES! If you covet some ‘Ghany Gear then you just might find you’re a winner when we draw door prize tickets from among the attendees. As they say, “you gotta play to win…” So come on out.

GHANY INFO TABLE! Want to bring a friend or a friend and her parent(s), please do!

Bring Friends

If you’ve always wanted to explain and show more of what Camp Alleghany is all about, these fall reunions are a perfect way. Potential campers and camp families can enjoy our snacks and festivities and crafts and photo booth and good times, and both she and her parent(s) can learn more specifics about ‘Ghany, meet and ask questions of staff, the directors, and other camp families.

So yes, yes, bring friends! If they register and come to camp, you will also get a Refer-A-Friend discount to camp for next summer, as well as the joy of bringing a newcomer to camp!

Please Join Us!

Even if you don’t live in one of these cities, but are willing to travel a little, we’d love as many folks to join us as possible to contribute to the merriment! And of course, we do need you to please RSVP above, including if you’re bringing guests, to help with our head counts/supplies and for sending out reminders.

So glance back up at the DMV and Richmond dates above and if you plan to come, please hit the RSVP buttons and let us know.

Can’t wait to see you!

I really hope to see all our ‘Ghany friends this Fall and meet new people, too. In the meantime, have the best holiday season ever and cherish your time with friends and loved ones. We’ll be thinking about you!


— Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls

*If you want to learn more about the merits of sleepaway summer camp, download my FREE e-book, 3 Reasons to Begin Your Child’s Sleepaway Summer Camp Experience Early. It’s a great resource to share with friends, or if you are a first-time camp family and you wonder what sleepaway camp would be like for your child.