Tips on Staying in Touch with Camp Friends During the School Year

Tips on How to Stay in Touch with Camp Friends During the School Year

Camp FriendsSummer camp is a magical time filled with adventure, new experiences, and lasting friendships. For many of us, these cherished friendships formed during the summer months become an essential part of our lives. However, once the school year starts and everyone goes their separate ways, it can be challenging to maintain those special connections. Here are some ways I stay in touch with my camp friends during the off-season!

Schedule Group FaceTimes!

Video calls and group chats can make it feel like you never left your camp buddies. Setting up a weekly or monthly Facetime call with your friends will make it feel like you are right there with them- even if you’re states apart. 

Set Up a Group Chat

Create a dedicated group chat with your camp friends. Everyone can share stories, funny anecdotes, or even vent about school stress. Group chats are a fun way to maintain a sense of community and keep the conversation flowing, making it feel like you never left Alleghany.

Become Pen Pals

Camp FriendsRevive the charming art of letter writing by starting a pen pal tradition with your camp friends. There’s something incredibly personal and exciting about receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. Share your thoughts, dreams, and adventures in a letter, making the communication feel even more special than a text message. If you need a friend’s address contact our office and we can help you get in touch!

Plan Reunions and Gatherings or Come to Ours

Organize reunions or gatherings during school breaks or holidays. These events provide a perfect opportunity to catch up in person, reminisce about camp memories, and create new ones together. It’s a chance to reconnect on a deeper level and strengthen the bond that distance might try to weaken.

We also host a few reunions throughout the year, these typically take place in the early winter in Richmond, VA, and Alexandria, VA. We will keep you updated on those dates and locations and hope to see you there!

Camp Friends are the Best Friends!

Camp FriendsWhile the end of summer camp might signal the end of daily interactions, staying in touch with your camp friends is essential in preserving the memories and friendships that have enriched your life. Embrace technology, write letters, set up group chats, and plan reunions. These little efforts will help you stay connected and create a sense of togetherness, no matter the distance. Remember, true friendships can withstand the test of time and distance with a little love and effort. So, reach out, stay connected, and keep those ‘Ghany memories alive throughout the school year!