The Ultimate Gift Guide for a ‘Ghany Girl

It’s (almost) time to start thinking about summer camp, right? If this is how you or your kids think, we have the perfect gift guide for you! We have a whole list of fun and practical summer camp gifts that you can’t go wrong with!

The holiday season is upon us and we are ready to celebrate with you! We have lots of fun gift ideas for you all, including must-haves (more practical gifts), the more fun stuff (not essentials but will get LOTS of fun use), and other Alleghany-themed items.

I have spent nearly 15 summers at Term camp and 24 summers at Family Camp or Mini Camp and during those years I have seen or tried all of the camping gadgets and gear you can imagine. 

This year I am sharing my list of must-haves for the ultimate summer season for gift-giving inspiration this holiday season. 

The List

The Must-Haves

  1. Crazy Creek– We are outside 100% of the time during camp, and often we sit on the ground. A crazy creek is an absolute essential, it’s easy to pack, easy to carry, and the most comfortable way to sit on the ground. There are so many colors to choose from and you can even get them customized!
  2. Head Lamp– although we have outdoor lights throughout camp, a headlight or flashlight is a must! If your camper likes to read before bed or needs to use the bathroom throughout the night a headlight is essential. We recommend a headlight with a red light option (the bugs aren’t attracted to red light!) and make sure it’s battery-powered! 
  3. Stationery Set– If you want your camper to write you letters during their time at camp, send them to camp with a stationary set! Make sure to include stamps and a list of addresses of family and friends to make it easy for them to stay in touch. There are many fun sets out there to choose from, but we like these nature-themed ones.
  4. Shower accessories- We live outside, so campers and counselors walk to the bathhouse to take a shower (it’s not far!) this requires a few extra items beyond shampoo and conditioner. Your camper will need a Shower Bucket, to carry all of their essentials, Shower Shoes, to make sure their feet don’t get dirty, and a Towel Wrap or Robe to wear to and from the showers. There are so many options out there for these items, these are just a few recommendations. 
  5. Water Bottle– Water bottles are an absolute essential, and our campers and counselors love these Hydroflask bottles. You can choose your child’s favorite color, straw or no straw and they can even be customized. Of course, any water bottle will do, just make sure to label it before you send it to camp!

The Fun Stuff

  1. Polaroid Camera– As you may know, Alleghany is a fully connected community, which means even digital cameras are off-limits. Although we have dedicated photographers throughout the summer, campers often want their own photos, so they bring disposable cameras or Polaroid Cameras to document their summer!
  2. ‘Ghany Gear– Although we have a Camp Store open all summer long for Campers and Counselors to shop at. We also have an off-season store with select ‘Ghany Gear, and who doesn’t love rocking ‘Ghany Gear all year round!? 
  3. Hammock– Hammocks can be spotted all over camp, in our hammock village, between trees, and even between tents! These lightweight and easy-to-put-up hammocks are all the rage among campers and counselors. 
  4. Fairy Lights– Decorating your tent is always fun, and one of the more popular decorations is fairy lights! They help light up the tent in the evening and make tent row look so pretty each night. Make sure they are battery-powered!
  5. Crocs– Crocs are by far the most popular shoe choice at Alleghany, they are comfortable, easy to wash, waterproof, and can be accessorized with Jibbitz! 

The Ultimate Gift

The gift of camp! There is no better gift than the opportunity to attend Alleghany, whether it’s Mother Daughter Weekend, Mini Camp, Term Camp, or Family Camp the experience of a summer spent along the Greenbrier River is the ultimate gift. One that your child will never forget!

Happy Gifting!

The holiday season means many things, one being gift-giving! Our philosophy is, it’s never too early to begin thinking about the summer season (we think about it all year round) and the many fun and practical gifts and goodies campers and counselors need or want during their time at Alleghany.

I hope that these ideas provide some practical and fun gift-giving inspiration for the ‘Ghany Girl in your life!

Happy Holidays!