TBT: The Alleghany Rattler May 1971: Thanks for The Memory

Editor’s Note:  As part of our year-long celebration of our 100th Year Anniversary (1922-2022), we’ll post a Throwback Thursday edition of our Alleghany Rattler Newspaper to give you a peek into life at camp across those 100 summers!

In this piece Cary Carter  reflects during the 50th anniversary year on her grateful memories and impressions of Alleghany. The next few Rattler throwbacks will continue to focus on the 50th summer’s events and reflections.  

Thanks for The Memory

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How could I ever forget the first time I saw Camp Alleghany? Particularly when I had five squealing thirteen-year-olds (who until this day when they get together inevitably end up singing Camp songs) from Annapolis, Maryland with me. It was love at first sight and my love still continues. My what a frantic summer it was! Dating Nick at night and working hard during the day. Coming in late and finding your darling tentlings had moved your bed or put an archery target on it.

Bucket Mann was head counselor, a magnificent one, as she was a combination of so many talents. Her music, particularly her productions of Gilbert and Sullivan, her song teaching and especially her piano playing made assemblies a special treat. Looking back I am sure we had an especially able and enthusiastic staff. Phil Shelton, Alice Buford, Betty Clark, Matt Black, The Martins, Tessie Townes, Arnold and Mae Hudgins, B. M. Davis and Peg Wilson, to mention only a few.

Our nocturnal life probably added gray hairs to Bucket, but most of us worked hard and loved the camp. “Pop” Worthington ruled his domain from the Cottage, coming down on dance nights with Greenbrier to check on us. His main target was the Rifle range! Remember that huge flashlight he had? Woe to anyone caught up there.

Rosie Moore presided over Swimming and Peg Wilson dutifully checked the campers in and out. Swimming classes were seldom called off, and everyone took them. As a result, an Alleghany swimmer could be spotted anywhere in the country because of her beautiful style of swimming.

B. M. Davis presided over the Store and helping her was the choice job to have, because that was where the action was. Wheeler, our beloved boatman, assisted her and Mae in the P.O.; and those times when the Store was open and the mail was given out were the high points of the day for some. Incidentally, everyone could get his own mail in those days.

Some of the events that stand out in my mind are swims on a warm night, pajama parades, picnic suppers on Sunday night, counselor-camper softball games, the damming of Crystal Creek after a week of rain, riding the train for a canoe trip from Anthony, and later the best canoeists going all the way to Camp Greenbrier on a high river, and inspirational campfires with Bucket, wondering whether there would be Silver A’s, or Honor Girls chosen that night.

Alleghany was blest with outstanding head counselors, as Helen McMahon became head after Bucket. She was a delightful person and an excellent leader of young people. In fact the greatness of Alleghany for me was in her counselors and her campers. It is true that the setting is magnificent, but in those years I doubt if one could have found a better staff of campers anywhere. We had a tremendous spirit that affected our lives and gave us many memories that I am sure continue to warm many of our hearts today.

Cary Carter, Alumnae (at Ghany 1936-1941), Written in 1971