Feeling the ‘Ghany Love All Week

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we ‘Ghany Girls are feeling the ‘Ghany love big time — 100 years worth of love!

So starting today, and running all week on our social media channels (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter) we’re injecting a special love-themed spirit week in honor of our 100th Anniversary.

It’s all about What do I love about Alleghany? And What do YOU love about Alleghany?

Each day we’ll post our own special lovegram for ‘Ghany and invite you to jump on the bandwagon with something YOU love about camp with the hashtag #GhanyLoveWeek . We’ll repost some to our own stories and feeds.

I should probably pause here for a second and say,

“What a ripoff — only seven days of posting? I’ve got so many more than seven things that I love about ‘Ghany! How am I supposed to whittle it down?”

Never fear! Let’s just say that the rules are very, very flexible. For example, if you can’t whittle it down, just post a picture in a category and list ALL the things you love in that category.

Love tons and tons of camp friends? Post ALL their pics in multiple galleries and love ’em all with your ‘Ghany Galentine and #GhanyLoveWeek!

Because let’s face it, if you really want to talk about love, real love, true, true love — well it’s infinite. There’s no borders on love. No limits. It’s endless and abundant and there’s always more to spare.

That’s how I feel about camp, camp friendships, camp memories, camp spaces, camp quiet, and camp noise, cool camp mornings and starry camp nights, muddy camp walks and perfect sunlight camp days.

In fact, don’t get me started because this blog post will be 1000s of words long and who has time for that when we need to go dig into our photos for some great ‘Ghany shots. Or when we need to go shoot a quick heart-pulsing video of camp joy.




#GhanyLoveWeek here we come!

— Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls