Personnel Changes Afoot At Alleghany

It’s our 100th anniversary, and in addition to looking backward, we’re also looking forward, including to a season of change and transition for the leadership at Alleghany.

Tri-State Camp Conference 2022

It was so refreshing and wonderful to be back with other camp professionals in person at the American Camp Association’s Tri-State Conference!

Work at Camp for our 100th Summer

There’s lots of reasons to work at our summer camp, starting with the nourishing natural setting. But for 2022 we’ll go one better — it’s our 100th summer and it’s going to be a blow out!

Mini Camp Reflections, 2021

Cloud Q. Conrad returned to ‘Ghany to join other alums in spending a week as a Mini Camp Counselor. Read her joyful reflections on the experience.

Mini Camp 2021 Was Our Jam!

Mini Camp Director Beth-Anne (BA) Clark Thomas tells us a little bit more about this summer’s Mini Camp!

A Taste of Staff Training Week 2021

Editor’s Note: As of today’s date, this Staff Training blog post actually refers to the last couple of weeks. Now we’re deep into the First Term of camp (after Mini Camp). But because we’re so busy at camp letting camp be camp, we don’t move as quickly to get stories like this onto the blog, but […]

Work Week To Open Camp for 2021!

Before the fun for campers there’s on-site work at camp and plenty of fun for the pre-camp Work Crew. Read all about it in today’s blog.