Staff Training 2023 is Coming to a Close!

It’s hard to believe that our 2 weeks of staff training ends tomorrow! In 14 short days, we have welcomed over 50 counselors across the river from all over the country and the world. Our counselors come from as close as West Virginia and Virginia and as far away as South Africa! 

This dedicated two-week time period is essential to our summer. Not only do we use this time to bond as a team but Staff Training includes everything from CPR and First Aid training for all staff to Rifle School, Archery School, and more. We cover conflict resolution, working with homesick campers (or those “missing home”), positive praise, and more. Our mission-based communication skills help you make decisions that align with our values.

These skills are, of course, valuable here at Alleghany AND are valuable in the “real world!” After all the fun, games, and hard work first term is in view!

Mother-Daughter Weekend & Mini Camp

A few integral parts of our Staff Training are our Mother-Daughter Weekend and Mini Camp Week. Mother-Daughter Weekend is a 3-day, 2-night session for our youngest campers (5-10) and their mother/aunt/grandmother/female family member to try our Alleghany together! Our one-week session for first-time campers, Mini Camp, takes place during the second week of Staff Training. 

These sessions allow new staff members time to get used to their roles before they have to face the campers full-time. A separate group of alumnae comprises the Mini Camp Counselors and Mother Daughter Weekend Staff, who take on tent/meal and daily life responsibilities for the Mini Campers/Mother Daughter Pairs. Term Counselors spend half the day teaching and interacting with the Mini Campers or Mother-Daughter Weekenders, and the other half of the day in Staff Training sessions–often debriefing their interactions with the campers that day. It gives them real-life experience before they dive into their full-fledged role as counselors. 

Our Staff Training Theme!

Every year we choose a theme for Staff Training, and we carry it through the summer so that it becomes an integral part of counselors’ work with campers. The theme might be represented by something as simple as a tee shirt or a chant, but really it’s just a way for us to focus our attention on what’s most important: helping kids have fun and stay safe while they’re here at Alleghany.

This year’s Staff Training Theme is… Shine Bright Like A Diamond! Each of our counselors is a diamond- they are beautiful inside and out, strong, brilliant, polished, committed, and now, after staff training, they shine bright! 

While we know that being a Camp Counselor is a challenging job, we hope that this theme reminds them of their value and importance both at Alleghany and in the lives of their campers!

We can’t wait to watch them shine!

On To Term Camp

It’s crazy to think that we have been at camp for 2, 3 (or more!) weeks and we are just now getting to First Term. So much happens in these first few weeks and often it feels like we have been here for months by the end of staff training. But we are ready for you term campers! 

Summer 2023 is amping up! Opening Day is just around the corner- finish packing your trunks and duffles– we will see you soon!