Mother-Daughter Weekend Registration is OPEN!

Registration for Mother-Daughter Weekend, Summer 2024 is OPEN! Our Mother-Daughter Weekend (MDW) is an immersive, short camp experience tailored to offer a sneak peek into the Magic of Alleghany for young girls and their female mentors. Designed for those who may be a bit hesitant about the full camp leap, MDW is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the Alleghany experience.

While the name suggests a focus on mothers and daughters, MDW is open to girls ages 5-11 accompanied by any special female figure in their lives, be it an aunt, grandmother, stepmother, godmother, or cherished family friend. Our goal is to unite generations and create lasting memories within the Alleghany community.

Created with the vision of allowing female family members to share in the Alleghany adventure with their new campers, MDW is an ideal experience for both seasoned Alleghany Alumni and newcomers alike. Whether you’re eager to pass on the cherished ‘Ghany traditions or are looking to discover the magic firsthand, Mother-Daughter Weekend is the perfect slice of the Alleghany experience!

What awaits you during the weekend?

We’ve packed the MDW itinerary with as much fun as possible to provide moms and daughters with an introduction to Alleghany’s activities, staff, living arrangements, and breathtaking setting. Specially crafted activities for their age group encourage new friendships and help them find their footing in this exciting environment. From sitting around the campfire to trying adventurous activities like Archery, Bouldering, and Creeking, each day is filled with joy and discovery. As the sun sets, you’ll return to your tent, sharing the experience with another mother-daughter pair, eagerly anticipating the next day’s adventures.

Meet the leaders of Mother-Daughter Weekend

Guiding you through this unforgettable weekend are Ace and Mae Dandridge, a dynamic mother-daughter duo who are former Alleghany campers and counselors. Their fondest shared memories stem from their time in the Alleghany mountains, and they are passionate about introducing younger families to the Alleghany spirit. Supported by a staff of former campers/counselors and aided by the entire summer counseling staff for Term Camp, MDW is a well-rounded experience led by individuals who embody the essence of summer camp.

Ready to join the adventure?

If you have questions or are eager to register for this one-of-a-kind experience, visit our website or explore other MDW-related blog posts. Feel free to reach out via email with any inquiries. If you’re ready to make lasting memories with your camper, click here to register for Mother-Daughter Weekend at Camp Alleghany!

Summer 2024 Dates

-Ace and Mae, Co-Directors of Mother-Daughter Weekend