Casey’s “Future” Farewell

Hello to my Alleghany Family,

I’m eagerly anticipating Alleghany’s 100th summer and can’t wait to be back on the Greenbrier River.

As we plan special events for the occasion, from assemblies and Evening Activities to Family Camp parties, I get more and more excited.

At the same time, we’re finalizing plans, schedules, and logistics for all of the amazing Camp programs we offer. The LIT program is feeling established in its third year and the calendar of events is coming together. Activity schedules are drafted. Campers are enrolled (though we still have a few spots open!). We have a Junior Counselor class of 15 amazing young ladies. Staffing is looking solid.

Summer 2022 will be one for the ages, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

My Time With You

This will be my sixth summer at ‘Ghany, and those years have been wonderful. The setting and beauty of the natural landscape at Camp is spectacular and makes spending six years there worthwhile on its own.

But the real treasure is the community. While the tents, the river, and The Barge all drew me in, the people are what has kept me excited for each summer and each day at Camp.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching campers grow up. I’ve seen campers become counselors, and counselors take on leadership opportunities. I’ve seen camp alum move on to great careers and furthering their education. It’s a testament to Alleghany to see so many young women achieving their goals and chasing big dreams that they will, no doubt, reach.

To be part of that is very special to me.

Dreaming and Looking Ahead

As I’ve seen and experienced all of this wonderful growth, and continued to grow myself each year, I’ve realized it’s time for me to pursue some of my other goals and dreams.

When I interviewed with Elizabeth in December of 2016, she asked about my long term goals. My response: “I’d like to be running my own program in 5-10 years.” She told me later that passion and dream was part of why she wanted me to join the team at Alleghany.

I love camp, and I love working with young people. I’ll continue to pursue those passions as I embark on a new journey, a journey that leads to establishing a summer camp program based in adventure and wilderness trips. I’m focusing on creating an overnight camp with a strong trips program. My goal is to cultivate a strong sense of community, build confidence and competence in campers & staff though wilderness, adventure, and meaningful connections to people and places. I hope to create a place where participants can be a little wild, build independence, and explore in order to know themselves and connect with those around them.

I’ve been looking for property, preparing business plans, talking with banks, and doing a lot of soul searching over the past year or so. I’ve been talking with Elizabeth and other mentors in my life about the future. It’s a little scary thinking about such a big change, but it’s also really exciting! I’m eager to create something special that will have a positive impact on young people’s lives.

As I think about putting all of this into motion, I’ve also gotten excited about other ventures like guiding, mentoring, teaching classes, hosting trainings, and more. There are so many possibilities in life, and it will be fun — a little scary at times, too —  to explore some new opportunities. Like I’ve said for a long time, what’s life without a good adventure?

But that’s for the future.

2022 Days on The Greenbrier

My transition out of Camp Alleghany will take place in the Fall. Right now I’m happily focused on helping create an unforgettable summer for each camper, for each staff member, for each person who comes to Camp and gets to be part of our 100th summer.

I feel so lucky and honored that I’ve been able to spend six years with Alleghany, and that I get to be part of such a momentous summer, celebrating 100 years of camping, tradition, and empowering women. I’ve grown and learned so much over these past six years and expect even more growth this summer.

Even after this summer, it’s not goodbye, but a ‘Ghany “Cheerio.”

Elizabeth and I are brainstorming ways I can continue to be part of the Alleghany family. I’m excited about the possibilities and look forward to continuing the relationships I’ve built at ‘Ghany. I say it all the time, and I mean it, “Best friends are made at Camp.”

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your community and your life, even if only for a few weeks each summer. Thank you for helping create this community that’s so welcoming.

Thank you for taking a chance on a guy at an all-girls camp.

It’s been such a great adventure filled with lifelong memories and friendships.

But even more thank-yous and cheerios are for later. For now, I say, see you on the Greenbrier! Let’s make summer 100 unforgettable.

— Casey Tucker, Program Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls