Camp Staffing for Our Historic 100th Summer

Over the last two years you’ve probably heard a lot about worker shortages and staffing woes in every American industry, including summer camps. This was definitely something we had to face at Camp Alleghany for Girls last year. It was a problem for the entire camping industry last year.

Staffing was hard last year, but we made it through. Our amazing counselors and support staff rose to the challenge and delivered a great summer for the campers, when we all needed it most.

While staffing continues to be difficult for many camps and industries, Alleghany is fortunate in that we’re in great shape right now! In six years of interviewing and hiring our counseling staff, I think this is the closest to full I’ve ever been at this time of year! We’re already 90% staffed. And I know of some camps that haven’t hit 50% yet. I’m feeling pretty good about this summer’s staff!

Our Crew

And what a great crew it’s going to be!

We have five amazing Head Counselors who were previously campers and counselors at Camp. Their store of information, experience, familiarity, and insight into how camp works, how to welcome and involve newcomers, and their passion for camp will be true assets to this exciting historic summer.

Our Junior Counselors (JCs) are 15 strong! They all went through the Leaders-In-Training Program and are well prepared to take their next step up in leadership at Alleghany.

International Staff are back at pre-pandemic levels! We have returning counselors from the UK, Australia, & Spain. New counselors are coming from Hungary, Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany, Columbia, and Mexico. I am so excited for the cultural diversity at Camp and what that will mean in exposing our campers to young women from all around the world. And let’s be honest — it also means a round-the-world tour of yummy food for International Night!

Between returning NCCCs (Non-Camper Counselor Club), JCs, Maroons (counselors who weren’t JCs), and Tinges (counselors who were JCs), over 60% of our staff has been to Alleghany before. They’re ready to continue our traditions, welcome the new staff, welcome the campers, and continue to create memories as we celebrate 100 years of camping.

Our new NCCCs will be bringing fresh ideas and perspectives from all over the US and all over the world. We love having this annual influx to keep Alleghany moving forward in an ever-changing world.

One awesome aspect of my job is that I have the pleasure of interviewing and meeting each counselor who will work at Camp. I get a sneak peak each year of the amazing team we build to create the magic of Alleghany.

This year is certainly going to be magical. Each one of them brings special talents and passions that create our community. The thing that ties them all together is the place and their passion for changing lives and creating an impactful, positive, welcoming summer experience for all of our campers.

While we’re in great shape for the summer, I’d love to hire a few more staff members in the next month. We’re still hiring a Head of Waterfront, an LIT Unit Head, two Junior Camp Unit Heads, the Department Head for Tennis, the Department Head for Swimming, and a handful of new counselors.

Please reach out if you’re interested or know somebody who would be an asset to our team and our community. Or send them the link to our staffing page!

See you on the Greenbrier!

— Casey Tucker, Program Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls