Packing for Mother-Daughter Weekend, A Veterans Guide

From the moment my oldest daughter was born, I have eagerly counted down the days, waiting for her to be old enough to come to Camp Alleghany. Finally, when she turned five, I knew it was time to bring her to camp for Mother-Daughter Weekend!

Join Us at our Spring Virtual Open Houses!

Virtual Open House

Each year we host a couple of Virtual Open Houses in the the new year. These Zoom-based webinars give you the chance to learn about Alleghany, meet some of our staff, and ask questions in a live format.

The Transformative Power of Camp Counseling Skills

Paddling down the beautiful Greenbrier River, leading a group of excited campers, might seem worlds apart from a corporate office. However, being a camp counselor equips you with a treasure trove of transferable skills that seamlessly translate into the professional world. You Need Skills to Pay the Bills! One of the most apparent skills developed […]

2024 Family Camp Registration is OPEN!

Camp Alleghany’s Family Camp is back, and registration is officially open for the summer of 2024. This is your chance to unplug, unwind, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. What Family Camp Is Like Camp Alleghany’s Family Camp is not just a vacation; it’s an experience that promises fun, fellowship, and relaxation. Tucked […]

A Summer as a Camp Counselor Can Shape Your Future- Here’s How!

As the flames dance and the marshmallows roast, being a camp counselor is more than just an adventure in the great outdoors. It’s a crash course in leadership that can shape your future career in surprising ways. Soft Skills When you step into the role of a camp counselor, you’re not just overseeing activities; you’re […]

Important Administrative Team News!

Our former Administrative Assistant, Mary-Curtis Powell, is now our Office Manager, and we are thrilled she is joining our team in this position!

Mother-Daughter Weekend Registration is OPEN!

Registration for Mother-Daughter Weekend, Summer 2024 is OPEN! Our Mother-Daughter Weekend (MDW) is an immersive, short camp experience tailored to offer a sneak peek into the Magic of Alleghany for young girls and their female mentors. Designed for those who may be a bit hesitant about the full camp leap, MDW is the perfect opportunity […]

When the Baby Goes Off to Camp!

t’s been a while since I have added to my Camp-Director-Turned-Camp-Parent Series, and I wanted to make sure the youngest of my children didn’t get slighted in this series.

New Campers, All Ages

Embarking on a summer camp journey can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, regardless of their ages. The fear of the unknown, the anxiety of fitting in, and the apprehension of stepping into an established community can be particularly daunting. At Camp Alleghany, however, we celebrate the diversity of our campers, and we welcome newcomers […]