100 Days Until Camp’s Opening Day & A Throwback Week To Celebrate!

This week marks 100 days until our 100th summer! This Wednesday, March 9, to be exact, is precisely 100 days until we’re back on the shores of the Greenbrier River basking in all that is ‘Ghany!

How amazing is that?!

First, I’m still blown away by the fact that Camp Alleghany has been in operation for 100 years.

One hundred years! It’s humbling and exciting, no matter how often I say it.

And I also just can’t believe it’s March, but I’m counting on the occasional crocus sighting and days that soar into the low 60 degrees to help me to see that yes, Spring has almost sprung! And with that, the countdown to camp really has begun!

A Throwback Spirit Week

So as part of our year-long celebration of our 100th Anniversary, and to mark the milestone “100 Days to Camp” day, we’ll be blasting our social media channels* all week with YOUR favorite throwback photos! Think of it as a #ThrowbackThursday but for the whole week.

Here’s how you can join in: First, dig out your camp photos now (or know where they are) so you’re ready to share. Each day will have a different theme to it, listed below, and when we reveal the theme for the day, you can find one from YOUR collection that fits the theme and share it.

You can scan them or even just snap a pic of a printed photo and post it that way. Post it to your own social media accounts and tag us @campalleghany, and of course add our hashtags #GhanyTurns100 & #100DaysToGhany.

And don’t worry — if you can’t pick just one favorite pic, post as many old photos as you like!

100 Days to Camp Throwback Schedule:

Monday (today!): favorite tent photo(s)
Tuesday: favorite picture(s) of the river or other camp scenery
Wednesday: favorite evening activity photo(s) – including Dance/Drama Shows!
Thursday: favorite picture(s) with camp friends
Friday: favorite Babies Boats/Candlelight Campfire/or Banquet photo(s)
Saturday: favorite Blue/Gray photo(s)
Sunday: favorite Campfire/Vespers photo(s)

So dig up those old photos and follow us all week as we count down 100 days to 100 summers!

In ‘Ghany Love,

— Elizabeth Shreckhise, Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls

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