Mother-Daughter Weekend 2023 Registration is OPEN!

What is Mother-Daughter Weekend?  


MDW is a short weekend session of camp designed to offer a glimpse into camp life at Alleghany to young girls and mothers who are hesitant to take the big leap! The weekend offers a unique chance to be a part of your child’s first summer camp experiences, and give them the confidence to attend themselves in the future. Though the name references Mother-Daughter, it is open to girls ages 5-11 who may be accompanied by an aunt, grandmother, stepmother, godmother, or special adult female friend. 

It was dreamed up with hopes that mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc. can be a part of the Alleghany experience with their new camper. Whether the adults are Alleghany Alumnae and want to help pass on the ‘Ghany traditions or they are new to Alleghany and want to experience the magic firsthand, Mother-Daughter Weekend is the perfect slice of the Alleghany experience! 


What can we expect from the weekend? 


We pack as much fun as possible into this weekend to introduce moms and daughters to the activities, staff, living arrangements, and setting at Camp Alleghany. We have plenty of activities designed especially for their age group that encourage them to meet new friends and get their footing in a new environment. You’ll have the opportunity to sit around the campfire together, as well as try all sorts of new activities like Archery, Bouldering, and Creeking. After fun-filled days, you return to your tent together with another mother-daughter pair and fall asleep with the promise of an exciting day ahead. 


Who runs Mother-Daughter weekend?


MDW is led by Ace and Mae Dandridge, a mother-daughter duo who are both former campers and counselors. Their fondest shared memories are from their time spent in the Alleghany mountains and they are passionate about introducing younger families to Camp Alleghany. They have a staff of 4 former campers/counselors and are aided by the entire summer counseling staff for Term Camp.  All daily activities are led by the summer staff counselors to give the full summer camp experience! 

Have Questions or Want to Register?


More information can be found on our website or other MDW-related blog posts and feel free to email us with any questions! 

If you are ready to register, click here