LOL Weekend 2022 and Beyond

This Summers LOL Weekend

What an incredible summer this 100th season of Camp Alleghany has been! Across a season of celebration, culminating in a party attended by over 400 people in August, this summer engaged so many alumni and friends in the magic of Alleghany today! The chatter on social media leading up to the season, and the attendance of innumerable women who have not been to camp in decades, awakened the memories and the impact that Alleghany has created for many generations of women.

LOL Weekend Moving Forward

Within the many conversations, I was fortunate to have at the August celebration was a recurring theme among alums proclaiming how incredible it was to be back – how much at camp had remained the same- and how wonderful it felt to be “home.“ I took those opportunities to explain to these returning alums just what LOL weekend was all about, how it got started, and how they could also be engaged in this magical weekend. From the eagerness of their responses, it is my hope that 2023 will realize yet another successful gathering of alumni to launch a new camp season at Alleghany at LOL weekend!

The History of LOL Weekend and Its Impact on ‘Ghany

LOL weekend was begun in 2015 with nearly 20 alumni gathering for the purpose of engaging in simple pre-camp labors and a whole lot of fellowship. We painted, planted gardens, secured rifle target frames, and cleared swim dock and barge dock steps of spring flood silt. By day we worked together on these “labors of love” while “laughing out loud “ at shared memories and some stories we’d never heard. Yes, we were mostly “little old ladies” although across the years more husbands, friends, and partners have joined our crew. Some LOL attendees come as groups – former JC‘s, family legacy groups, etc. Others come solo or simply with a spouse or partner. But all leave with a full heart and a reminder of the powerful connection we share as alumni and recipients of so many gifts from our experiences across the decades at Camp Alleghany. For a long weekend in early June, we enjoy the very best of camp life – living in tents, listening to crickets at night, singing beside the campfire, eating fabulous meals in the dining hall, and simply enjoying fellowship at the camp we all love best. We gather as those who share treasured Camp memories, attendees ranging in age from 18 to mid70s, to give back to Alleghany through simple labors- while enjoying time together in camp’s beautiful rustic setting. And there is no cost to attend!

Do you want to be a part of LOL Weekend 2023?

Information on dates and registration for 2023 LOL weekend will be sent to all members of the Camp Alleghany Alumni Association, while also posted on social media platforms. Space is limited. Do not miss your opportunity to join us in prepping Camp for its 101st season!   For questions or for more information about LOL weekend please contact