Fun News at the Camp Store

The biggest Camp Store news this summer is not all the awesome merchandise (which we also have) but the new store itself, housed within the new camp building! Our spacious new store allows campers (and after this COVID summer, their parents) to shop in the comfort of being inside. Looking out the Camp Store window, there’s a great view of the trees. The same building is also where the new Camp Post Office is located, as well as the Camp Office.

This summer we have some new tee shirt designs and we’ve also brought back some old favorites. And we know you’ll adore the new bucket hats we have this year!

In tee shirts we’re featuring a new v-neck white tee shirt as well as a pocket tee. We also have a tank top for those warm days and new ¼ zips and sweatpants (with pockets!) for those cooler nights.

Your trusty and cheerful store managers Ruth and Jennifer will be in the Camp Store as usual to help with your camp purchases. And we’re loving these comfy and beautiful new digs. We’re ready to help you with all your camp needs and are super excited to welcome you back to camp!

In ‘Ghany Love,

— Ruth and Jennifer, Camp Store Managers, Camp Alleghany for Girls