Christmas Thoughts With Casey

It was a stressful day in the Camp Office. I was working on an updated schedule. I was finalizing the little details for Christmas in July. Did the Carnival have everything it needed? Was the movie picked for the evening? Did we have special milk & cookies ready to bring down? Not to mention the other day-to-day tasks and ever evolving things that need to be done immediately. That’s life at camp each summer, and I love it.

This was July 23rd or 24th. Christmas was close, and I love Christmas in July. In fact, it might be my favorite holiday.

The energy builds daily as July 25th approaches. And like every year, the energy was building now, maybe even more so since so many campers were immersed back into camp life after a year and a half of pandemic life. We needed this holiday together.

As I sat in my office that day, hard at work, suddenly I was immersed in a Hallmark movie. Behind me I hear voices singing a Christmas song. And it was getting louder. I didn’t know what was happening. Was someone in the office playing Christmas music? What was this a choral sound?

After the first song, another one started up. Alleghany Singers had chosen to come into the shade of the Office porch to practice Christmas carols. Not just one or two carols, but they were preparing lots of songs for the holiday. And they sounded so good! Angelic voices raising spirits and preparing to spread even more cheer. As they say, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

I left my office to enjoy the beautiful singing on the steps where they were. Way better than simply coming through my windows. Like serenaders, they had lured me out and brightened my day. I truly did feel like I was in a cheesy but wonderful Christmas movie. And they went on to share musical joy during Christmas in July.

I hope your Christmases, December and July, are filled with the same kind of magic and cheer. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

— Casey Tucker, Program Director, Camp Alleghany for Girls